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Anyone been chosen for the second round?


I wasn’t. Did you finally sell your ticket?


Sold one of them yeah. I didn’t win round two either


It is sad thing :pensive: both


I got into the both rounds of the ICO. But I won’t be investing more than the $1000 I put in already, I don’t mind losing $1000 if it goes no where. $10000, well that’s a different level of risk.



Different NEX project.


Its a different project mate



Can you paste here the NEO address for the 2nd round?


I will once it goes live. What will that tell us tho’? Are you thinking that it will tell us how much COZ has raised from the ICO?


Did it go live? They announced that it happens at 10am UTC. Yes I think it will show that how much NEX token will go back to COZ.


Yes second round is live. You have to sign into your account to see if you were selected.


This is what I see.


I’m having troubles connecting via my mobile device. I’ll try again later when I return to camp.


I couldn’t find the contract address on the NEX form. I might actually have to contribute in Round 2 to see the address.


Yes. I think you have to contribute to see the address. After you sent NEO&GAS you can check it out in the transaction history.


Is this the contribution transaction you are looking for?



Yes I think…now my brain will melt down while I copy this.


So they gathered:
$21,292,374 from NEO
$1,008,165 from GAS

SUM $22,300,539
This means 2,699,461 unsold NEX token