NEX | A Platform For Decentralized Cryptographic Trade and Payment Service Creation



So what do you think that means? Is there just no interest in the DEX? More rewards for current holders, or another round of ICO? Or when Moon? LOL…


I read that the unsold tokens go back to the company fund and will be used for future NEX dividends to cover operations etc.



Wow those are some lofty numbers in that article. Dreaming $1000 per NEX token by 2023.


Hi and thank you for the info. I like the idea of decentralized exchanges. Can’t say anything about NEX specifically, coz I haven’t used it yet, but I’ll look for info about it. What can you say guys, will it be convenient for use? A lot of newcomers (including me :D) want simple user-friendly design without extra features. And it seems that NEX will require some time to understand what’s going on there, lol. Honestly, It feels like I’ve checked tons of reviews of platforms which suggest diverse payment options. For now I think that Bitquick will be the best option, coz I’ve found the good one review - and it says that the platform operates multiple methods, including cash, wire and bank transfer. Want to try NEX but need some coins right now, that’s the problem. Maybe, you can suggest me some more trusted platforms where I can buy BTC simply and securely?


NEX price&staking calculators:

I have to accumulate at least 8000 NEX :smiley:


What are you thinking about when it comes to volume? I can’t see it getting anywhere near the big exchanges ever but could reach Bibox levels within 6 months if conditions are right and the NEO economy fires back up. The latter isn’t looking rosie right now for some reason


Nice video Incase anyone haven’t seen it.


$NEX on Aphelion exchange! Probably it is not programed launch from NEX team.


Have you tried it yet?


Just installed…didn’t try to trade. Btw 60-80% profit already…


That’s not bad. Not enough for me to sell though but it’s nice to get some liquidity for NEX


Yeah. I’m looking for 2000-6000% profit :star_struck::wink::joy:


Is that it? Aim high bro :joy:


:wink: Watch this chat. Traders are unsure avout their trades on aphelion. In addition Fabio can’t give them answer!


NEX price at Aphelion DEX. Btw it has low volume recently.


Was as high as 3.64. Also AMA happening in a few hours. I will post link once I see it.


Nice. Now I wish I picked up more than I did.



I don’t really know that it is because of compliance issues or pure financial decision but Aphelion - a NEO based DEX platform stops to operate and pull off developers from the project. With one competitor less for NEX.

Interesting parts:

First, recent SEC action against EtherDelta sets a new precedent that directly impacts our trading platform. In short, the SEC ruled that non-custodial cryptocurrency exchanges allowing users to trade are firmly within their scope. Previously, we’d been advised that we were not in their regulatory purview. Since that action, and based on expert advice from multiple leading attorney firms specializing in compliance, we fully expect the SEC to continue to target all crypto exchanges (decentralized or not).

Aphelion operating exclusively with NEO based tokens puts us on an island of trading potential and there is not enough volume across the ecosystem to support a self-sustained model, at least not at this point. We we’re the second ICO on NEO, and at the time we forecasted on a different market outcome, higher trading volume and also had planned to use chunks of organization tokens and APH collected fees to fund us to the next level. But, the market had other plans, making that plan unfeasible at this time.

The $APH token price has fallen about 75% instantly.