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how confident are you on the round 2 prediction?


100%. Out of the 25000 people selected, not everyone will use their 1k usd maximum and some wont pass KYC for whatever reason.

I think round 2 will be brutal and ends very quickly.


Buy Neo now for this ico or wait to see if it goes down? My stack is icx so will have to cash some out for Neo. Icx isn’t exactly doing well right now


Is there a good tutorial on how to send/use neo to/with that wallet and how to participate in the ico? I have never used neo, don´t want to mess it up.


That kinda makes me sad that you got into the ICO first round and I didn’t since I’ve had NEO when it was still ANS and you’re obviously only now coming into it :frowning:


So what are you implying exactly? That you somehow are more entitled to participate because you found NEO before me? Are you one of those people that always have to point out that “I listened to them before they became cool”? Dork.


Because they know that you know about NEO since ANS and want you to be eligible for round 2. Btw they should have ask for ANS addresses for this ICO or not? :star_struck:


Chill, i was only being Facetious.


Have a hard time when peoples gut reaction when asked for help is, not only not to help, but to insinuate that the person is less worthy than them.


Buy NEO or GAS from Binance and send it to the NEX wallet…that’s all you’ll need to do.


I think they have a video on the website but fail that there’s videos on YouTube with instructions


To those of you who think you may get in on round #2 lottery, it’s safe to say that you MOST LIKELY wouldn’t. Those selected in round #1 can select to either make a contribution up to $1000, or a contribution up to $9000. The former requires a basic KYC, while the latter may require some additional information on top of the basic KYC. Because many people are bullish on NEX, those selected for round #1 lottery likely selected the latter option, so even if some noobs didn’t use up their $1000 contribution slots, these opportunities will be opened up to these bullish folks who will gladly contribute up to $9000. Here’s the chronology of opportunities for NEX ICO investment:

  1. Initial NEX ICO:
    Folks selected in round #1 lottery (up to $1000 only).
  2. Any unpurchased, outstanding tokens:
    Folks selected in round #1 lottery (up to $9000).
  3. If still any unpurchased tokens left (highly unlikely):
    A second round of lottery will be made to select more folks for contribution.


i guess i am lucky then…got 3 kyc out of 12


i hope NEX can resurrect my portfolio in this bear market


I didn’t get in :frowning:


3 out of 12! Damn, nice work mate! I wish I could have found 12 people to register lol


i just ask my mates and family id for fun…3 of my family got in but not me…lol


I was going to ask this exact question due to the way they worded it I was a little confused so thanks for clarifying it.

It doesn’t guarantee all of the folks in round 1 will get the chance to go for the 9k does it?


I did 5 family members, 2 got in but my extension is broken so I’m not sure if I’m selected yet. 3 out of 5 would be great but I’ll settle with 2 of not.


yeah not everybody from round 1 will get to round 2…no worry for me…my funds are limited too…3 entries for 1k just nice for me