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Cheers mate. Do you know how I might maximise my chance of getting to on the second 9k round? I’m want to go maximum if possible.


there isnt a way i think…it is a lottery…just pray many who got into round 1 doesnt use up all their allocations


Well I got in on the first round but I don’t understand how the second 9k round will be chosen. Or is it a first cone first serve?


as what i understand is that second round will only open if the tokens are not sold out in first round…could be first come first serve


it is quite unclear how is their token sale works tbh…i suggest you go to their reddit or city of zion discord…i am digging in too


Folks selected in round 1 get to choose to make a contribution up to either: $1000 or $9000.
Either one is not guaranteed because one would still have to pass the KYC, although the $9000 seems a little more elaborate than the $1000. Also, choosing to contribute up to $9000 doesn’t negate the opportunity to contribute during the first $1000.


No, there is no “first come first served” basis, nor an official way to maximize your chances.
The selection for round 2 is based on yet another lottery, but based on the pool of folks in round 1 who opted for $9000 contribution.

Once round 2 lottery-selected folks have completed their KYC and come a TBA date in April, the token sale will go live and these folks will compete on a “first come first served” basis.


I got in! :star_struck:


A small counting which coin to use to pay for NEX tokens.

Coin $ ATH $ now $ diff. BTC ATH BTC now BTC diff.
GAS $95 $15.69 -83% 0.0069 0.00225 -67%
NEO $194 $48.70 -75% 0.0155 0.007 -55%

The differences aren’t too big but I will choose GAS because it will rise slower than NEO so I will “win” more money when NEX hits exchanges. NEX token price possibly will follow NEO price. NEO usually rise faster and harder than GAS.

Maybe bad logic. What do you think?


I Clearly didn’t understand the process as much as I thought. Thank for clarifying.

So it’s possible for me to buy 10k worth?


Since you got selected in two of them, yes, it is possible for you to buy 10k from the two lotteries. But you are only guaranteed $2000 ($1000 per lottery) for now, if you pass the first KYC. Then, if you are selected for round 2 (if any unsold tokens left), you may contribute more…


Ohhhh it’s finally clicked! :exploding_head:

OK. Apologies If I’m coming across like a dumbass.

I’m sure there’ll be some tokens left over so would love the opportunity to buy more. I’d try to get as much as possible.


how does it look like if you’ve gotten into the lottery or not on your chrome extension…


You can check it here:



When I go onto this page and login to the wallet extension, nothing happens, even after refreshing the site, signing out of the wallet etc - what am I missing?


Yes. I experienced this too. It happened when two extension of chrome were open at the same time. Try to close all and start only one. Open the site and login NEX wallet.


It worked and I’m in!!!

See if that’s good or bad.

Thanks so much man


The total market cap is 50 millions $ (cheap) and this is long term investment for me. Bear market or not, I buy.

Also, I don’t try to time the market, I have my bots for that.


First stage KYC went through in seconds! I didn’t have to provide copies of ID either which is different from other ICO’s I’ve participated in.

I’ve opted for the possible 9k round.

Which round have you guys opted for?


Trying to find out how many of us are choosing both rounds.

Which round did you choose?

  • $1k round
  • $9k round (both)

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