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round 2 of course…eventhough my funds are quite limited…gotta have to sell my car…lol


so it means whoever doesnt get into round 1 lottery have zero chance, right?


I currently hold Neo and Gas in a Binance wallet, I was one of the lucky 25k!! Sorry to sound stupid but do i just transfer some Neo to my NEX Alpha wallet, Will they transfer it to NEX or will i have to exchange it?


send neo/gas to the nex alpha wallet…when the token sale is announced, they will send a contract address where you have to send neo to the address to get NEX token


I bought 30 GAS @$40 few weeks ago and I thought it will be enough for the first round. NOOT!


BUT: I am lucky because I decided not to buy GAS for $10000 (and of course I’m in)



Didn’t get a choice. Missed out on the first round. Only hope is second round


hi all. Congrats to those who were selected. I have a question: Do you get a confirmation message after you filled in your KYC? I confirmed in the NEX popup and added the password but then I got no message. I’m curious if that’s all …


After you gave KYC data it shows: “KYC pending”
I speak about this:


Thanks for replying. Somehow after I enter the password in the nex extension (last step), the extension closes and nothing happens…


AMA with NEX team


Someone asked about fiat pairing and they said this.

To clarify, this are not direct trading pairs on the exchange itself (i.e. JPY/NEX) but a easy method to on ramp and cashout using the tools. Users will be able to acquire NEO and GAS with fiat and any other tokens traded at NEX will be using the exchange itself.

This is nice to hear!


This is what I got


from the AMA , i like the answers given from the team…the fiat getaway will be huge difference to other DEX…let’s see how their off chain matching engine perform…


welcome to the club, brother


Thanks for the link. Judging by the answers from the AMA, I think it might be a good idea to keep an eye on what they’re building.


So how do we know what’s what with Round 2 for people who got in on Round 1?


round 2 only if there is unsold tokens for round 1


who got in for second lottery?


i just got in round 2 but it gave me the option of which round i wanted to enter $1k or $9k as i’m small time i only entered round 1 for the $1k. passed the KYC, is it just a case of making sure the NEO is in the wallet for when the actual token sale begins? or is there anything else to do now?


nothing else…i just got in for the second lottery too…good luck…i am thinking of staking the NEX tokens for 2 years