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yeh im thinking the same not sure exactly what the gains will be by staking the tokens but will be interested to see. my plan with my whole portfolio is to hodl for 3 years and see what happens


are you from the USA?


max gain from staking is 75% from their profit is you stake for the max length of 2 years


My wife got in the 2nd round :smiley:


good to know, so if hodling for a couple of years you may as well stake it i guess, what you got to lose


So you have to give the money right away or is it for a later date? I’m not even sure if I got in yet but I’m excited and my fingers are crossed


Hi, how do you know if your in the second lottery ppl, Nsuite just states stage KYC round1 (lottery 2)


Congrats to all that got in on the second round. Have a lot of confidence on NEX.


HELP…I’m not getting this ICO stuff (first timer)… how do they know how many NEX have been sold in the first lottery, as the coins are not on sale yet. I was told on a previous post to transfer neo/gas to my N suite wallet and wait for coin sale, I haven’t purchased any nex coins as there was no option to, can someone help please


The last lottery was not about the 2nd round. They filled the gaps for the first round caused by unaccepted KYC. So if you were chosen in the second lottery you are in the first round too.


That’s what I meant, just worded it wrong. Meant to say second lottery round. I have a feeling there will be a second token round but it’ll go in seconds


Our family have 2 NEX tickets. I hope it will show an ICX like start and I have a chance to erase the “mistake” I made there. It is better to say: I’d like to use the knowledge here, I got from ICX.


Same as but haven’t checked if others have won today.

I’m the same, hoping for a decent list price but everything depends on what the market is like at the time. If we are bullish then who knows what kind of action we might get.

I might leave some for staking tho as it sounds pretty interesting


I get the same. This is so unclear. Does it mean that we are qualified for round 2 (9000$) as well?


GAS and NEO on rise. I don’t know if it is temporary or the end of these price levels…but I will buy GAS asap for the NEX ICO.


Probably the best ico this year and the hype around it is honest for once. Since I am a lucky lottery winner I can’t wait to invest and if not chosen for 2bd round I will accumulate even more


Congrats… U may invest 1k


Do not send to anybody yet…there are lot of scams out there…be cautious…they will announce round 2 lottery after token sale is done for the first round lottery depending on how much tokens are left


Lets hodl and stake this shit guys…lol…could be the ico of the year


The whales like balina and syndicates are not happy with this token sale…they frankly favoured the small fishes…lol