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Yes first day of the ico is for the 1k cap, then if there are any tokens left they will open up the second round of token sales and at that point the max cap will be 9k usd. I think there will be a few tokens left for day two, so it will sell out in seconds/minutes on day two.


Only the very lucky ones will get that


I got in on the Round 2 lottery. What a relief!!! Now time to wait and see :smile: :rocket:


Nex gonna take us to the moon guys…just like icx


Some of you guys are really lucky! I’m 0-4 still!


Any of you looking to get in on this?


Yes, a bunch of other people from the pub got on too. It was on another thread. Did you get in?


Is it just me or does the Nex app look fairly similar to the Coinbase app…?? Hmm?


Is it just me or do both Nex and Coinbase use the same blue and white colors as Danish football club Lyngby?!?!?! :tinfoilhat:


i hope NEX can do the shiznizz and introduce chinese Yuan as their fiat pair…once China legalize NEO or crypto…to the moon shit i have been thinking for a few days…lol


I bet on China with Elastos, TheKey and NEX (took part in ICOs).


Nope not yet, but will alksdfj lkasdfj


Link to the NEX app?


Does anyone know the exact process of how to send tokens across? I don’t think the info has been published yet.

Is it simply leaving an amount of neo in your nex wallet?

What about the 9k round - how will that work? That’ll last seconds so I’m guessing it’ll be a “send to a certain address” and first cone first served?


nah…i think there will be a contract address later…we need to send neo/gas to receive the tokens


Hey guys any one know what’s going on…

I got in on Round 1, did my KYC and it said it had gotten approved. Now when I login, I don’t see anything that shows me being entitled to participate in any ico

‘Unfortunately you have not been successful in the Neon Exchange Round 2 Lottery’

And before that it said my KYC hadn’t been submitted in time, even though I’d already submitted my KYC and it had gotten approved.

I selected to join Round 1 and Round 2.

Does anyone have a clue what’s going on here?

Thanks guys.


They tweeted this out a few hours ago, might have something to do with what you’re seeing.


Hey peeps… any news on when NEX token sale starts???


The anticipation is killing me!


i keep checking every day to see if there’s any new info on when the actual token sale will happen but nothing yet. managed to get in on round 1 of the lottery. Waiting to transform my NEO to NEX!