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Did you win the lottery?

  1. If not you only have to wait for the NEX tokens to appear on some exchanges (maybe only on their own).
  2. If yes then you will get instructions what to do. I think it will be a catwalk if you are able to buy NEO or GAS at exchanges and send to the NEX wallet.


i clicked opt for round 2, but now i think i am not contributing more than 1k, should i just ignore the kyc 2?


Any reason why you’re changing your mind mate? Yes ignore it


i gotta liquidate my moon bag shitcoins first…i think i better diversify first rather than all in this ico…it is a startup still anything can happen…i still trust this team to deliver tho


Fair enough mate. In the upcoming bull market you can make decent gains if you pick the right coin anyway.

Good Luck


God damn it, did not make either rounds…


You only just checked? If you got the first round but didn’t submit kyc in time you wouldn’t know


Few weeks before I bought LTC for NEX and I got about 10% gain. I would like to boost this money before NEX contribution opens. Which coins would you buy for this purpose. So 1 week and boost :smiley:

I’m thinking XEM, ICX & Golem but if you have some secret coin to share for one week boost then it is more than welcome.

Thank you.


ICX should have a big week this week with due announcements like IISS, Token Swap and hopefully the mobile wallet.

However, if they miss it, it could tank!


Saw this on their Reddit FAQ page

Draw 1 > KYC draw 1 > Draw 2 > KYC draw 2 > extended KYC > ICO round 1 > Draw round 2 > ICO round 2.

This means after ICO round 1, another lottery will pick people that can buy into ICO round 2! I didn’t know this - hope I’m selected!


pick me pick me take my money haha


I didn’t know you got on the lottery bro!

I’m only looking at NEX and Bezant at the moment - what about you?


i didn’t, I’m only doing bezant ICO as NEX whitelist was already done when I looked at it.

I’ll probably get some NEX once it hits exchange

Trinity maybe interesting


Trinity already listed on Kucoin but low price right now but it’s a solid part of NEO ecosystem so I think it’ll do well!

I think NEX should list day one anywhere between $5 to $10. :pray:

Also, i’m sure (forgot) they’ll be operating a similar staking dual currency system like NEO/Gas so will be good for the hodlers. As many have missed out, there will be people interested in picking it up when it gets listed!


Too lazy to go to kucoin


So finally I switched from LTC to ICX at 4320. I hope it outperforms NEO/GAS in this period.


If you lose it’s not my fault… but if it moons - share the love brother! :money_mouth_face:


I have 95% ICX penetration…so this is only drop in the sea :icx::rocket::star_struck::money_mouth_face:


Any info on when NEX token sale begins?


they havent announce it yet…just be prepared with NEO/Gas