NEX Token Sale Thread

Edit: no groups were formed publicly, this thread only serves to discuss the NEX Token sale.

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NEX will be using a lottery system to allow 25k applicants the ability to take part in the token sale. Each of the 25k participants will be able to participate up to 10k USD over two rounds, the first of 1k and second of 9k.

"There will be a $NEX Token lottery

Registration will start on March 10

Registration will finish March 31 (NEX team have extended if for us)

The lucky 25k of the applicants can buy into 2 rounds with 10K per successful applicant.

Only $25 mil to raise

only $25k people


  • Interested
  • Prefer to go it alone
  • Not interested

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Interesting take on how they’re running the ICO. I’m also glad to hear that they’re building this solution for the long term. Fabio stated that he wants this project to be around for 10 or even 30 years, so they’ll be sticking with this until the end. Very solid team behind the project too as well as connections. The project itself isn’t necessarily an :explopants: (unless you talk about decentralized banking), but there are gains to be made and financial freedom to be had. I see this as a project worth keeping your eye open for.


One of the few ICOs I will try to participate. I hope ICX gains BTC/USDT value until then to buy NEO with smaller loss. If I will be lucky I’m ready to spend at least 5k on this one.


I’m wondering if they’ll be burning or opening up a third round. They’re looking to raise 25mil, but that’s calculating the raise as though all 25k participants invest 10k USD… Many will not be investing that much.


most neo ico i’ll invest, supporting the platform. i am hoping coinpuffs will slowly emerge it to become a DEX with a unique features and we get to test it. ofcourse get into presale.


If it was 10k only (min and max) it would still fill up in minutes. But yeah, some people will “play it safe” and only out smaller amounts in


I’ll likely be in for 10k if I “win the lottery”


Funny you said that when you have already participated in quite a number of ICOs, haven’t you?


theKey ICO was a sham so I hope this one goes smoothly, really want to get in on it.


I’m having second thoughts on NEX. I think NEXO will be better. Extra letter on the end. Got the inside scoop from the CMC banner.


Could you at least back up your statement? Merely an extra letter makes this a better team?

It’s saddening to see many people in the cryptospace jump to quick conclusions like “this is solid”, “this will moon”, “this is better”, etc., yet as Peter said repeatedly on his streams, you have to justify it with concrete reasons than just a nice website, some nice buzzwords, and occasional Twitter shills.


@cryptowine He’s making fun, not being serious. Although if he was being serious, I wouldn’t have been all that surprised so I don’t blame you lol.


Literal net. :raised_hands:

You’re absolutely right on your criticism of the post, even if you missed the joke.

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Even though both projects were/will be launched on the NEO platform, they have no connections to each other. One project botching their ICO (or completely failing) has nothing to do with the next project launching, it’s a permission-less open source platform. With so few projects launched on NEO so far, it does have a tarnishing effect.

Have a look at who’s behind NEX. The chances they botch their ICO is ~0.00001%

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Yes I’ve already participated in ICON, ELASTOS, THEKEY, KIN. I planed to take part in NEX and KodakOne. NEX is coming.

My bad english if my previous post was misunderstandable.


Just an update for all those interested. The lottery has opened for registration

Log in to the wallet you created into your NEON wallet app to prepare for the token sale, even if you don’t win, it’ll be one less thing to figure out in a few weeks when the time comes to contribute to the sale - using the NEON wallet’s built in “Participate in token sale” option.


What do you mean by “Import the wallet you create into your NEON wallet” and “Participate in token sale option"?

I installed the chrome NEX extension wallet, and then registered for the lottery. I have never used NEO before, so a little confused now. Is there anything else I need to do?

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just create new wallet using that extension

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where do i find the json file of my neon wallet in my pc?
any idea?

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Just log in to the wallet in Neon Wall app using either “login using an encrypted key” or “login using a private key” and you’ll be in. Make sure you are running the current version - 0.2.1 right now (windows)

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