Nexus Earth Conference in Aspen - Sept 21-23, 2017

"Come and join us in Aspen and participate in the most dynamic think tank of the year. There will be speeches and question and answer sessions from some of the brightest minds about business, finance, technology, networks, aerospace, blockchains, bitcoin, gold and silver, economics, philosophy, medical marijuana, music, data, hardware systems, and the future of the internet."

Nexus Earth Conference in Aspen SEPT 21 - 23, 2017

I love that you can use Bitcoin or Nexus cryptocurrencies to purchase your ticket at discount on coinpayments

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Snowmass - 6 miles from the Aspen Institute, is offering fantastic Autumn lodging rates. Use Code = NexusEarth for special event rates!

Stonebridge Inn
$109/night ++
or 800-922-7242

$149/night ++

Flights to Aspen

Some Airports do not fly direcly to Aspen Colorado. Make sure to get your flights reserved early.

Aspen Meadows Resort
845 Meadows Road
Aspen, CO 81611

GREAT list of Noteworthy Speakers which can be found here along with their biographies…

I immediately recognized all these awesome people, many who I’ve met before… and all with diverse backgrounds but the same end goal, which is so much amaze to me…
Ron Paul
Roger Ver
Rob Viglione
Jeff Berwick
Charles Hoskinson
Peter Schiff
Max Keiser
Doug Casey
Perianne Boring
Colin Cantrell
Adam Kokesh
Adella Toulon

And Tatiana Moroz is one of the artists who will be doing a musical guest appearance - if you don’t know who she is look her up lol!
She’s been part of the Bitcoin community since forever, and in 2014 she launched the very first artist coin, Tatiana Coin. Pioneering a decentralized music revolution!

Ok now back to the conference lol…this video has more details…

To find out what to expect from the Nexus Conference, watch this video…

So who’s going???

If you weren’t able to make it to Aspen, you can still watch the live stream event here… :slight_smile:


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Definitely am trying to make it!


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Duhh right lol?? Sorry bout that I’m on it now… too much multi-tasking these days…

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Live Stream - Roger Ver is announcing what happens after bitcoin for the first time.


The problem with watching this, and I guess it is true for any crypto YouTube is now I want to buy Nexus and ZenCash.


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