Nice Hash Alternatives

Hi Guys

So i have finally invested into a mining Rig with a friend.

Seeing that Nicehash is down im looking at alternatives so i came across

It looks pretty cool more features then nicehash like the web based GUI

Do any of you use it? if so is the payouts in BTC?

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I’ve messed around with awesome miner a little bit but I’m not the MOST knowledgeable on it. To my understanding it is more of a multiminer? you can customize the pool settings via the gui and edit your miner settings as well and click start. I have no idea what is required for multi gpu rigs as I just sort of tinker and learn mining with my 750ti. From the little I’ve used awesome miner I really like it :smiley: and the payout go to the pool in whatever coin you are mining.

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I also started using this today.
It’s a little harder to setup and get mining but once you are setup the revenues look to be even better than with NiceHash.

I only use 1 GPU for mining so in my case the free version is perfect.

If I had more than 2 GPU’s or riggs I would deffinitly considder the Pro version

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Ah ok we tried it. Friend got annoyed and now we using Kryptex.

Ill play around with Awesome miner when i have a chance but i didnt see the part that for 2 GPU’s or more you need pro. We have 6 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can you give us feedback about kryptex ? Because I consider using it even if I stay with MPH for now.

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Does anyone know if they are selling the has power? Or are they keeping the rewards and paying miners a set amount regardless of what the value of the mined coins are?

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My advice would be to forget these “easy mining” platforms and learn to use regular mining. It’s really not that hard. It’s a matter of editing a batch file. You literally add the mining pool and your wallet address.

For example, I tried the Vertcoin one stop miner, it was ok. I switched right back to the dos window style mining and I make more per day.

When you learn to mine without the handicap of some ‘easy’ mining software, you take control.

For example: I can set one GPU on vert, to GPU 0, and then run another miner on GPU 1 and set it to Monero, and then run an additional miner and set it to zcash, etc. you can duel or triple mine or more.

Currently I have Monero on 6/8 threads of my CPU (6700 i7) and vert on 900 series gtx, etc.

Take control of your mining, you’ll be glad that you did in future. Knowledge is power.

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I dunno its weird. and only making $230 P/M on 6 RX580’s its rather low.

I have not requested a payout yet. Ill let you know if it does payout.

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I dont mind switching to anything that is more profitable.

How do you do it on Windows. This is what is currently installed.

I dont mind even switching to Ubuntu server or something like that. I have a few ubuntu web servers so to learn the syntax for mining shouldn’t be that hard.

Any tips, Programs, that i can use. I know on NiceHash you could dual mine but now you mention triple mining or more. Can you share what you use to do this?

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Here’s my opinion:

What I mine and how I mine is solely dependent upon what is most profitable. End of conditional statement.

To be clear this excludes any premise revolving around the concept of ‘easy mining’, or any notion that using a multi-algo gui miner is a handicap.

Now - is there a knowledge benefit in learning to write a little command line for other standalone mining applications? Yes. You’ll learn quite a bit about the kinds of control options you have for your gpu’s, and there are many of them, especially if you get into some of the more sophisticated standalone’s like Claymore etc.

But in the end, it’s ultimately up to you.

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I can suggest taking a look at the cradle to grave videos at Bits Be Tripping. He builds miners straight from the box in live feeds, which allows you to see the entire process, tweaks and all. They have lots of batch script files and knowledge on mining algorithms.


Got setup with Mining Pool Hub

Here is a tutorial:

Follow this to get an account going

I hope this helps people who are looking for a nicehash alternative.

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This is a pretty good video on Awesome miner and mining pool hub. It goes step by step.
NiceHash Alternative v2 - Awesome Miner & Mining Pool Hub - Tutorial

edited to correct spelling. lol

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