Nicehash hashrate drastically lowered?

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I have 2 rigs. Every rig is filled with 6x GTX 1060 6GB, 2x 4GB DDR4 2800, 1200W PSU Platinum, not overclocked, new clean install of Windows 10 64bit, latest drivers for chipset, GPU etc.

I am connected to Nicehash, all card benchmarked, enabled all algorythms, let the Nicehash for automatic switching between algos… but since about half February is going my hashrate down.

I understand that is normal, when the hashrate slightly goes up and down. I understand too, when payments are changing (lower BTC, et…). But what i dont understand is, why is changing hashrate? At the start in February these cards did about 19-22.000 satoshi per day. Now they do something about 9-11.000 satoshi per day.

I know, that is really normal, when the price for ANY cryptocurrency is changing (up/down). But why has so much changed hashrate of the cards? The speed of the card should be all the time the same, and only payments for a work shopuld be lower (or higher). Or not? :frowning:

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Your hashrate didn’t change ! Look on your dashboard your “ACCEPTED SPEED” should still be the same (more or less)

But because the alts took a much bigger dip than BTC did, you’re earning less BTC.
Remember that you get paid in BTC because people are willing to pay BTC to mine alt coins with your rig. If alts goes down, they are willing to pay less. It’s as simple as that.


When i see details for an algo (for example Equihash, which was one of the best algos last month, that Nicehash app gave to may cards), i can see, that for about last 30 days is a payrate lower about 50%. So i ment, that THIS is the thing I understand - that i will take LESS for my work, bcs the price went down. i dont remember weeks ago, what hashing speed i had :frowning: cause i only mainly watched main window of NH app. But now i understand, that this window shows recounted “sellary” for the speed of my rig (chained with current price of BTC). Am i able to anywhere on the NH website see my speed for a days, week and months ago? Not only the current day? To check, that the speed of GPUs is still the same?

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There is a chart not sure how far it goes back as I cannot access it from work. But if you do a search for your worker (BTC address) on their website down a the bottom it will give you I think it is a weeks worth of hashrate.

The other thing that you need to consider is that your hashing power is auctioned off. So if no one is bidding on hashing power your BTC payout will be less. This is normally a direct corallation to the drop in alt prices.

An example of this is my rigs. I watch my hashrate religiously. At BTC’s ATH’s I was making 0.045 BTC a day with roughly 3000 sols and a D3. Today with that same hash rate I am down to 0.019 BTC a day. There are a couple of major factors here that come into play. 2 months ago the difficulty on mining was much lower across the board this allowed the buyers of the hashing power to get more coins so they were willing to pay more. Price of BTC has dropped by more than 50% pushing alts down at the same time. So with the price of alts dropping and the buyers recieving less coins for their purchasing of hashing power you get a compound effect.

This is an accumulation / bear market. I would highly recommend you take some time and research a coin that you want to support and just mine it directly. Overall earning across the board are down significantly no matter what you do with mining. By picking a coin that you can mine you can accumulate them for the next bull run of that coin. Which one that is I do not know.

I have switched two of my gaming rigs over to Raven coin. It is not listed on any exchanges but to be honest kind of feels like the days when I first started mining when BTC could actually be mined by GPU’s.

One last piece of advice if you are using a program like SMOS and you are just pointing at a single algo try splitting them up. For me as my rigs are Nvidia I had them pointed at NH equihash pool, but over the last two weeks or so Ethash has shown to be more profitable even for my Nvidia cards because the buyers want coins from that algo. Mining is not a set and forget type of thing.


you can go here :
(the wallet public key is the one you put in your NH app)
There you can see you hashrate, and you will see it did not decrease, the buyers bids did.

And if you have a NH account you can go here : where you can see even more stats !

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