Niche Product Update

For those of you who saw a few days ago on the “what are you working on thread” I had posted that I would begin working on a niche product from scratch. Well I have begun and I have to say, its going a bit better than anticipated. Equally I don’t feel its to hard of a product to make. I think the true difficulty will come when it comes to marketing this item. Ill add that I have never started or owned a business besides a lousy affiliate marketing website(mainly used to learn how to build wordpress websites). But here I go. I have paid to have a logo made and have redesigned it to my likeness. This week, Thursday, I got the chance to go out to a hustle and bustle area and have a "How its made " experience haha ( a tour of a factory and demonstration on how a product is made). I have submitted my art and have placed an oder to have a finished product ready by sometime next week…then the real fun begins. Ill keep y’all updated and will share my product once it is finished. IT IS A VERY SIMPLE PRODUCT THAT I SAT ON FOR SOME TIME AND FINALLY SAID HEH LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS. SO LETS SEEEEEE…


good on you, keep us posted on how it’s going. very interested. well done.


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