Hey, this is a space where we can talk about the advancement of this nascent technology and how it will have a positive effect our future.
Please join me. Lets THINK and SHARE ideas.


I have heard Nigerians find creative ways to make money-
Can you link me up with an opportunity to aquire large quantities of gold?


too quick!
Gold? idk but there are still massive gains on :bcc::bcc:


btw I like the user name :koreanbbq: :dogemoon:


thanks. I had :koreanbbq: at dino meat… very good stuff.


The one in Yeonsu-gu, Gyeonggi-do or Jihaeng-dong?


jihaeng. I went there every time i had a chance.


@Nyakeh see …


Una just create dis one?


I think say na only me and @dewale dey here cos i bin dey suspect am. but @Nyakeh i no suspect you. nice one una be pioneers. nice one.


Am suspect :joy::joy::joy:


I just started in december oo, but i dey learn as we go.


I don invite my other naija friends for some crypto knowledge on the pub. I hope say dem go join


I invited my friends too.they only won know about the gains wey then go fit make. I doubt then go join for knowledge the most they’ve done is open a coinbase acct and buy bitcoin. Because of that i done they think make i reevaluate my friends. the ones wey i go drop and people wey go stay. Because how i go get friends wey all this life changing things dey happen and then no no.tell them na wahala. read na wahala. watch day 13 for B90X na wahala.


December not bad. I got in a little earlier than that.

i like people wey get sense. you get sense


U for have sense to understand dis crypto. Mistakes go make u learn small for experience


Ma woman think say I dey craze but one day she open bank account she go shock waaa. Results go make ppl believe


My only regret say I no know about crypto earlier than I did, but it still dey in d infancy stages


When ppl start adopt with working products den d masses go jump onboard. Den u go start see generational wealth


i just had to do this but you are right.