Nintendo, Microsoft and Electronic Arts developers to make games on Ethereum [ETH] blockchain

via ambcrypto

A studio known as 8 Circuit Studios have begun building games on the Ethereum blockchain. The studio comprises of developers from prominent video game companies such as Nintendo, Microsoft, Electronic Arts and 343 Industries. The president of the studio is James Mayo, who is known for his work on Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World, Age of Empires 2 and ‘F.E.A.R.’.

The studio has already released a mobile game called “Alien Arsenal” on the Ethereum blockchain, along with a token known as the “8Bit Token”. This was distributed to players using what the developers called a “Space Drop Program” which is an airdrop.

The game features an alien which can be upgraded to fight in the “battle for the blockchain”. This is one of the “very first digital, upgradable assets ever made”. The 8Bit token can be used to level-up and trade with other players.

Even more exciting is a full video game title set for release next year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is called D-PARC, and the tagline is “Create a character that can live forever.” The character will be fused to the blockchain and the player’s decision will carry “eternal consequences”.

The game promises to blend psychological survival mechanics with a first-person perspective. It will also feature space travel and ship-to-ship combat scenarios.

The game is based on the ship n-SATOSHI, a callback to the creator of Bitcoin. The aim of the game is to transport humanity’s last survivors to ‘New Eden’, with 100,001 humans as cargo on the ship.

James Mayo announced his plans for the future of the venture, saying:

“Phase one is simply saving the state of your character – level status, items, et cetera. The second is allowing you to bring that character into any and every game we publish. The final phase is allowing you to bring your character into any game you can imagine, regardless of the publisher who created it and the platform it’s on.”


When I see these types of progressions with Ethereum, it really makes me think. Is ETH too big to fail even though there are far superior platforms out there? I’m starting to see an ecosystem in which all of these different scalable blockchains co-exist rather than beat out one another. I’m not necessarily a fan of Ethereum, but I do give credit where it’s due. I know you want it to fail @peter, but it might be around for a while :stuck_out_tongue: .


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