No programs would detect my gpus after changing pci-e slots


So im a newbie to building mining rigs and mining cryptocurrency so when i started mining ethereum on claymore one of the gpus was getting a lower hashrate so i looked up the problem on google and one of the suggestions was to swap the pci slots so i did that but when i booted up claymore it said "No AMD cards in the list.
“1f3c cudaGetDeviceCount failed (35, CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version), probably no CUDA devices
1f3c No NVIDIA CUDA GPUs detected.
1f3c No AMD OPENCL or NVIDIA CUDA GPUs found, exit”
so i opened up my amd driver (Adrenalin Edition 18.7.1) and it gave me an error saying “Radeon setting are currently not availabe. Please try again after connecting AMD graphics.” so i searched everywhere and no one had a problem with it so i need help on what to do.