No Shave November


So I floated the idea tonight to several quartermasters and Yennonites…

My chin will be making a special guest appearance for the first time in more than a decade. The purpose of this is to raise awareness and funds towards men’s health initiatives. Primarily prostate and testicular cancer. I have created a bitcoin pub team on the no shave November website and hopefully some of us bearded or mustachioed folks will be willing to shave their facial hair on the first of November and or just grow a a stash or beard (if you don’t have one already) in support while raising money for the cause.

I currently live in a household that deals with cancer every day, so this is a pretty important issue to me. If you are remotely interested in getting involved please let me know in this thread or just sign up at the below link.

Looking for feedback on the team page. anyone have a banner they think we should use? think we should change the wording?

ps. even if you are Asian and can’t grow facial hair you can still donate to the cause lol

pps. this is what i’m going to look like on day one. i’m sure you’ll donate just to not have to see my ugly mug look like this anymore.


Im in all the way :+1::sunglasses::laughing::muscle::yum::face_with_hand_over_mouth::100:


Shaving the first of Nov or the last day of october? That’s how I’ve always done it. Also, I’m down!


i literally don’t grow enough hair…


i shave every 3 months so barber time yearly 4 times