Noob here with issues setting up rig

Hey Everyone,

I’m a noob when it comes to building a miner and/or gaming rigs. I’m putting together my rig and have come up with some issues that I need help on. I currently have a 3 GPU rig (2 more on the way). I’ve installed windows (64bit) and updated to the latest version 1809. I’m trying to install the GPU drivers, but it says Nvidia Drivers are not compatible with this version of windows. I’ve uninstalled any default drivers and the Nvidia Graphics Drivers still wont install.

Below are some details about the rig:
1x EVGA 1080 SC
1x MSI 1070 ti
1x Zotec 1070 ti
Gigabyte HD 110 D3A motherboard
Celeron CPU
4GB Ram
550W ATX PS for motherboard
1200W Server PS for GPUs

In addition to the driver-install issue above, I have other questions that I’m hoping you can help with.

  1. How will the different brand GPU’s affect driver installs? Will 1 Nvidia driver install work for all GPU’s?

  2. I don’t have the GPU’s powered on at the moment. When I do plug in the screen goes blank. Is it because video is now being fed through one of the GPU’s instead of the motherboard?

  3. The Zotac GPU has 2 molex connectors (16pins total), vs the 1 (8 pins). Do I need to connect both connectors to the server power supply?

Any help is much appreciate.




Hey @jcastro619! Both @Nemisist419 and @CryptoMykel can give you a hand troubleshooting and answering your mining questions. I see most of your questions are about hardware, and I can offer you some answers.

  1. Firstly, install the nvidia driver manually using device manager. In a mixed GPU environment, install nvidia drivers before amd drivers.
  2. Consult your motherboard manual, enter bios, switch default video to on-board
  3. Third, use either two molex or an 8pin. It’s meant for those using a lesser power supply that doesn’t have additional 8pin connectors.
  1. Just download the GForce Experience and once your GPU’s are plugged in it will install and update the drivers. No need for manual install if you are doing this as your first rig. The only reason to do manual install is if you want a specific version because your cards hash better on that version. My experience over the last 2 years or so mining that benefit is not worth the time, but you can experiment with it as you learn and get up and running. You only need to install your driver once. If it is saying that Nvidia drivers are not compatible you downloaded the wrong ones hence why I am saying use the Gforce experience. I have 4 windows rigs and use this setup on all of them.

  2. Yes. You can avoid this by going into the BIOS and manually setting it to only use the onboard VGA if you wish.

  3. Dont use the molex connectors they are only there if you dont have an 8 pin connector.

Last item of note you do not need the 550w Power supply the 1200 will be fine especially if you down volt or lower the power rating through something like MSI Afterburner. You should be looking at no more than 900w total depending on your final two cards.


your all good my man. the video is coming from what ever GPU you put into the first 16 x slot aka the first long slot for a GPU closest to the CPU. download the drivers with out the G Force experience. you have to have a GPU in the first long slot so windows sees a GPU so it can start to download the drivers.

you need to have the top 8 pin connector for main power for the GPU plugged in.
the Riser needs power separate from the GPU 8 pin. i use the sata or a 6 pin. molex can be used on older cards otherwise not enough power for what you have.
nvidia drivers

after that its should be show time lol.

let me know if you have any more issues…
my discord is
join the discord if you need more help my man.

and welcome to the mine!!!


I used the link to download the drivers. It’s the same drivers (430.64) I downloaded previously, but I am still unable to install them. It still says Nvidia Drivers are not compatible with this version of Windows.

I took @Nekko advice and downloaded GeForce Experience hoping it would find/install the correct drivers for me, but it wont install either. It says i dont have system requirements for it.

Update: Thanks for the help. I got it Nvidia software to start the install. I had to change my bios to utilize VGA. Then booted the miner with all the GPU’s running.

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So you were trying to install the drivers with out the video cards plugged in?

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Yeah, basically.:man_facepalming: I thought I could load the drivers first, then power up the whole rig after it was installed. I didn’t realize the installer looked for the hardware on the PC.

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Yep. Never actually seen that error before about windows not being capatible. I have seen no compatible hardware found. So I learned something from this also.

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where did you get your widows copy from?

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I downloaded from Microsoft, used an old activation code.

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what mobo are you using and CPU?

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You do not need to activate it just download and install. I have 3 rigs that are running on an unactivated version of windows.


Gigabyte HD 110 D3A motherboard
Celeron G3930 CPU

Everything’s up and running now. You all were very helpful. Thanks a lot!
Currently running Betterhash but will continue to look at other options for mining.