Noob miner looking for insight


Hey Everyone,

As I have started in the world of crypto I have started to dabble into mining. Im using an old tower with a modest amd gpu but its better than nothing. Im looking into wanting to build a rig dedicated for solely mining. I have seen so many different style on various forums and youtube. I have liked the rig called ``trio`` for its simplicity and that with multiple trio rigs the most you lose is 3 cards if a rig goes down. I have also see the bigger 8-13 card rigs. Looking for opinions on what has worked and not worked, and any hardware preferences for either style of build.

Thanks in advance. Trying to learn and grow


You just need to start doing it brother… it is really not a hard task. Start with one GPU and add more as you have opportunities.

But, I don’t want to spoil your ambitions, currently a GPU mining is a dead thing.

Here’s my set up:

I “invested” $6500 into this, currently this rig brings me about $3.50-4 per day. I live where electricity is dirt cheap, so I have it on for now. But who knows what will happen in the future.


Ya thats kinda what I was thinking, electricity is pretty decent here too so just chipping away.