Noone knows who Satoshi is


Satoshi invents BTC in 2008, releases software in 2009 and disappears in 2011.
Satoshi holds 5% of BTC - more than US gold stash around 4%.
If Sathoshi to dump all his/her BTC, the price of BTC would dip then go back up…
People will always be looking for who Satoshi is.


Satoshi is that spot almost two handfuls to the right of the decimal, man :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wrote an article on about the undeniable proof that Dave Kleiman was Satoshi, or at least the majority of the pseudonym that is Satoshi… and court records prove he held the famous 1 million bitcoin… but it gets deeper… there are facts it seems like, that have been scrubbed or covered up… like how there was a loaded gun next to Kleimans body with a bullet lodged in the bed next to him… with no shell casing in the room, among many other …“anomalies”…

Ready Player ‘B’ Edit

James Donovan Halliday is to Anorak as Dave Kleiman is to Satoshi Nakamoto.

 Who was Satoshi Nakamoto? Who was Dave Kleiman? How can Craig Wright claim to be him? The answer has been speculated on for almost as long as bitcoin has been around.  

  This is a topic that has been talked about at length but it seems like Craig Wright is going out of his way to claim more credit than he deserves, or is he?

  If you have seen the hit movie "Ready Player 1" then you should remember the creator of the OASIS James Donovan Halliday or 'Anorak' as he is known in the online world in the movie. It may give more credit than is due to Craig Wright.. but some believe the movie is possibly accurate when comparing 'Anorak' and 'Satoshi' and Ogden Morrow (Oasis co-creator) and Craig Wright.  

In an interview on CNN, Dave is discussing anonymity online and suggests making up a pseudonym. If you fast forward to 1:12 in this video, you will see potential evidence in the mind of the possible Satoshi himself. You have to decide ultimately.

Wikipedia says: Dave Kleiman (1967 – April 26, 2013) was a noted , an author/coauthor of multiple books and a noted speaker at security related events. Various sources point to Kleiman as, the pseudonym used by the creator of bitcoin. At the age of 21, Dave Kleiman was named U.S. Army Soldier of the Year. He received the Army Achievement Medal and a commendation signed by the Secretary of the Army. The commendation said in part, “Appearance, knowledge of general military subjects, current events and other subjects covered coupled with your strong dedication to duty, never failed to produce anything but outstanding results.”

After distinguished service in the Army, Dave returned to his hometown and became a sworn for the 's Office (PBSO). In 1995, a motorcycle accident left him paralyzed, requiring the use of a wheelchair. The life-altering disability did not slow him down for long. He continued working at PBSO and attained the rank of detective. He also worked as a System Security Analyst in the Computer Crimes Division and helped configure the Computer Forensics Lab. Dave went on to work at a number of high tech companies before becoming a partner in a computer forensics business. Kleiman died in his home on April 2013 seemingly of natural causes related to complications from a infection. Some of Dave’s most notable work took place at S-doc where his role was Chief Information Security Officer. While there he developed a Windows encryption tool that surpassed NSA, NIST, and Microsoft Common Criteria Guidelines. This technology was used at NASA, U.S. Dept. of Treasury, Office of the Inspector General, and the US Post Office. Cryptography was routinely used at S-doc to develop several products, broadly aimed at reliable and verifiable transmission of data and messages, centered around the idea of an " unalterable, encrypted audit log system ".

Dave was also a regular contributor to and Security mailing lists where discussions included technical aspects of cryptosystems and the politics of cryptography. Kleiman was a long-time member of the same Metzdowd Cryptography mailing list where Satoshi Nakamoto first announced Bitcoin on Oct. 31, 2008.

For multiple years, Dave was awarded for Windows – Security.

Bitcoin involvement:

In 2011 Kleiman founded W&K Info Defense Research LLC (“W&K”) in Florida as a company to mine bitcoins.

On December 2015 reported that Dave Kleiman may have been involved in the invention of bitcoin based on information uncovered in several leaked documents.

In May 2016, The Economist article had Craig Steven Wright claiming he (under the pseudonym of ) and Dave Kleiman were behind the invention of bitcoin. In February 2018, a brother of Dave initiated a lawsuit in the on behalf of the Kleiman estate against Wright over the rights to more than $5,118,266,427.50 worth of bitcoin, claiming Wright defrauded the estate of bitcoins and intellectual property rights. The estate alleged that Kleiman was one of the early pioneers and worked with on its establishment as a cryptocurrency. The estate also alleges that on January 12, 2009, Kleiman, Wright and two other people performed a recorded bitcoin transaction. The lawsuit claims that between 2008 and 2013 Kleiman and Wright mined over a million bitcoins . According to Craig Wright, Kleiman lost money due to US government seizing of Costa Rica-based Bitcoin exchange called Liberty Reserve leading to Kleiman’s poverty.

The notable part of this article is the lawsuit, and the actual death of Kleiman.

Who had the most to gain from Kleiman dying?

In at article written by

KEY: it is noted that a loaded handgun was found next to a decaying body with a bullet in the mattress next to him. It is also alleged that Craig Wright forged documents, giving Dave’s things to Craig, netting Wright Billions worth of bitcoin.

The article states the following:

Finally, in 2013, he allegedly told doctors to ‘go fuck themselves’, checked himself out and went back to his home in Palm Beach County The computer genius died a month later in poverty, facing the foreclosure of his house. According to a report from the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner Office, his body was found decomposing and blood and faecal matter was detected in his wheelchair tracks. His house was scattered with open bottles of alcohol and a loaded handgun was found next to him. Although Kleiman’s mattress had a bullet hole in it, there were no empty cases in the house, ruling out suicide…

In a post it is noted that Kleiman for sure was the holder of the famed 980,000 bitcoin that Satoshi had, and court documents prove they were given to Ira, Dave’s brother, and that Craig forged documents stealing or attempting the theft.

One theory that is being floated on Reddit runs like this:

Kleiman is Satoshi, and had the keys to the ~1 million bitcoins. He dies, and his USB stick/computer/whatever went to a relative, who doesn’t realize what he is holding. Wright knew Kleiman and knew he was Satoshi. So he invents this crazy story about being Satoshi, but that he can’t spend the coins because they are all in a trust that was held by Kleiman.

So now Wright comes public claiming to be Satoshi - and sets himself up to launch a lawsuit against Kleiman’s relative to get “his” bitcoins back. If Wright pulls this off, he gains the fabled treasure of 1 million bitcoins off Kleiman’s estate.


Do we all have Dave Kleiman to thank for the crypto-currency scene that is so brilliantly flourishing today? It is hard to argue otherwise. Does Dave Kleiman deserve more credit? Does Craig Wright deserve credit? That is for you to decide. One thing is for sure… Bitcoin can not be un-invented. Crypto-currency is here to stay, and will surely be around for a long long time. As we end out 2018, it is clear that there are more crypto-currency users, more technological innovation, and more adoption happening everyday. The future is bright, and keeps getting brighter.

Thank you Satoshi Nakamoto.

-AAA ZioiZ


That’s heavy! Thanks for sharing!

Ps. Although I do appreciate the article and information, this next day, I can’t help but think a little bit less of Bitcoin. Maybe it’s my mood. However, that is the kind of sheisty stuff I don’t like. I appreciate Bitcoin and what it offers. This doesn’t make Bitcoin bad, but I think it does yet again show what greed and jealousy can lead people to do. People can be so evil. Who am I to judge though? Maybe we don’t know the whole story yet.


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