Not happy with CEX.IO holding my USD


I am primarily a miner.
I have been using CEX.IO for maybe a year now to trade BTC for USD.
I spent about a week getting a Visa Debit card and jumping through their hoops to get set up.
It was going great for a while making USD withdrawals, while there was plenty of investment, but now fiat spending has tapered off it seems they are unable to pay me out the USD I have sitting in there. I could be wrong but they have no trouble accepting USD!!
I have been trying for about 2 months but there is always some excuse like “payments to Visa cards are under maintenance” or “it will be fixed in a week” but still unable to extract USD payment!
They have already charged the fee no problem (about $3.80 USD) but still come up with excuses. They suggest I try during a certain time but it doesn’t make any difference.
I have finally given up and will be buying some BTC with my $440.00 and moving it out to my bitpay wallet so I will at least be able to spend it.
I hope that will at least work!!