Not Like This Tai Lopez, Not Like THIS!

I’ve never been one to knock someone’s hustle no matter what it is, but this is just wrong…

I knew Tai Lopez was selling/shilling a Bitcoin Crypto “Mastermind” course - - but when I saw how much he’s charging for “Secrets” that our community shares so FREELY on this forum - while at the same time claiming to pay it forward - - it just doesn’t sit right with me lol!

Each one teach one is the crypto way - But this just isn’t how it’s done in crypto Tai, not like this lol!


He is one of those YouTubers with a really punchable face. I’m sorry, but can’t stand the sight of him.


bum ass tai Lopez. hope he goes broke


He won’t go broke didnt you hear all his friends are all whales and they tell him see secrets about bitco and buying cheap pizza


These guys are not doing anything for Tai that they haven’t already done for many new people coming into crypto - myself included lol!

The majority of people who have had these huge gains in crypto, or the “whales” are super generous with their time and knowledge.

Some of his “whale” friends include…

Dave Levine - Who shares this vision on his YT channel:
“In order to ride this wave like a pro, I am spending all my work time studying the distributed ledger platform and using that information to make good investments. Then, I share my knowledge with you at
( For Free BTW )

Jeremy Gardner - His Bio on LinkedIn reads one sentence:
“I want to change the world.”

A recent quote from Jeremy on Twitter - RE this interview: :
“FYI I hate paywalls and I’m sorry the article can’t be read (I registered to read it for free)”

And Tai’s favorite name to drop…

Brock Pierce - Whose Twitter Bio reads:
“Building free market solutions to secure life, liberty, and property”

Whose definition of a Billionaire is someone who positively impacts the lives of a Billion people.

Although these friends had told Tai about Bitcoin years ago, he stood on the sideline for YEARS - calling Bitcoin a Bubble, comparing it to penny stocks, etc…

And then all of a sudden lol…He’s charging money for a “MasterMind” online course??

“My goal with the Bitcoin Crypto Academy,” explains Tai on the sales page, “Is to help you learn to invest in cryptocurrency. You’re joining an exclusive community of people who’ll benefit from getting personalized help and support from me and my mentors.”


This is NOT an EXCLUSIVE community - We are an ALL-INCLUSIVE community!

We encourage others to always do their own due diligence, and aren’t afraid to call a ponzi a ponzi - sharing FREELY from our knowledge and experience - that we have gained by investing MUCH TIME & ENERGY to research, and study, and immerse ourselves in this crypto culture.

It’s a lifestyle, and this movement is so much bigger than you make it out to be.


Haha, I was thinking the same thing. You say “one of those”, so I wonder if you’re also thinking of someone else I find extremely punchable.


Sigh. Free market capitalism at it’s very best!

May the cryptonation continue to expand and grow! :rocket:


Tai seems like a nice enough guy, but holy hell is he annoying.


lol He’s paying it forward with paid youtube ads


we should go spam his page with btcpub…save the people.

i always see a guy on youtube ad saying to pay him for online courses on how to trade cryoto. if you are stupid enough to do that then you dont belong in crypto.


$600 heck even $5000 is peanuts to someone who has the “secrets”.

Why is this guy wasting his time on peanuts?

Also, I really don’t know who this guy is but he needs to stop appearing on every damn Youtube ad I see. :poop:

Also, so much talk and no substance.

Money talks.

There's nothing wrong with charging money for a service, It's just not great when the pretense is "helping" others or paying it forward when the goal is purely and obviously monetary. Additionally there's also nothing wrong with a services that does actually "help" and becomes profitable at the same time.

It’s the classic con. I can make you money if you give me money. Logically he would not need you money if you was making money

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Cheap pizza :rofl::rofl:

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Haha right. I bet those pizzas would have cost hundreds of trillions of Zimbabwe dollars around that same time…

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Made my day. Thank you for that comment.

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glad to be of service​:rofl::grin:

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People like this piss me off.

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people who give you and your friends cars?

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ugh … Iv’e been following Tai for a while…if you can get passed his cheesy ads ,believe it or not he has a lot of very informative video’s that actually helped me… but everytime I see a video of him talking about crypto I ignore it cause I know it will make me cringe…


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