#Novel #Fiction "Gamers Are satoshinakamotoz."

[World’s Largest #Scammed & #Gambling Based #fiction #Novel ]



These were the ones who used to mask the common people, and included in the crowd of ordinary people, on the journey of Bitcoin and playing with him, handling him in his ups and downs. Let’s give it a long way together.
What did they do to keep it as the best and leading, in which London’s Ransomware attack was also prominent and after a long-term patience, the world’s largest legal scam, which did not have the eyes of the world.

they was a much more intelligent and Patient scammer than the great inventor they was, because they had scammed so much that perhaps no such scamming could ever happen, neither the past nor the future, The writer also has a proud on their game planning, because so far no one was born on the earth who has cheated 30 crores of people together, that was also legalize.

He had accomplished his exploits in such a way that the belief of the people from the fiat currency and the banking system had completely gone, And people began to accept of Bitcoin as a future currency. And then, starts from here, their continuation of scandal.

Even though they did not appear in front of the world, but in their absence, they bowed down the whole world. Even today, the world is convinced of their brains and sometimes they referring to them or sometimes even accepting the fact that they actually changed gambling world. and this technology is also called revolutionary technology

About Author:

The author, Rahul Pandey, was born in a middle-class family district of Jaunpur province of Uttar Pradesh, India. He did his schooling there and later, went to Kanpur because of his father’s business, where he received graduate education. Thereafter, he obtained a diploma from Civil Engineering from State Polytechnic, Kanpur and worked as a Civil Engineer at Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

In the family, he started his life with grandfather, Shri Hari Prasad Pandey, grandmother Late Shrimati Vidya Devi, mother Smt. Maya Devi and father Arvind Pandey besides a brother, Rohit Pandey, and sister, Uma Devi. In 2012, he married Anita, the love of his life.

He started writing at the age of thirteen. His grandfather, Shri Hari Prasad Pandey, gave importance and inspiration to his writings, read and appreciated his first creation, which he had completed at the age of thirteen, and assured the continuation of this cycle.

From his education to the period of primary income, at the age of twenty-eight, he had written many compositions, which will be presented from time-to-time before you. His compositions include dramatic dialogues, poetry novels, etc.

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