November 11th 2020 - ROLL CALL! Enjoyment | Birthdays | Pub Anniversaries


We have new members here everyday. Why not introduce them? :point_down:

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Let’s welcome these awesome new members! :bitrocket:.

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Enjoy the things that you have.

Even in times of struggle, things are to be enjoyed.

Time, family, places, these are all things that propel you forward.

Always enjoy the smaller things. The more you do, the better appreciated your well being will be.



Birthdays: November 11th, 2020


We see the birthdays and have a reason to celebrate! We hope you have a great one out there today :cake: .

Wishing awesome birthdays to:

@Mr.Bit :cake:

@DP-KNOX :cake:

@ansul888 :cake:

Anniversaries: November 11th, 2020

Pub anniversaries for you and others! Thank you for being here, and big congrats to you! :bitrocket: .

:tada: Happy Pub Anniversary To : :tada:


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