November 12th 2020 - ROLL CALL! Road Ahead | Birthdays | Pub Anniversaries


We have new members here everyday. Why not introduce them? :point_down:

New Member Spotlight

Let’s welcome these awesome new members! :bitrocket:.

The New Members!

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The road ahead will never be easy.

It’s the continued perseverance that makes it worthwhile.

The more you grind, the more you learn and grow capable.

The road ahead is definitely an exciting one. Continue on, and you will see it through.



Birthdays: November 12th, 2020


There are birthdays for us to behold, so let’s do it! Have a great one out there today :cake: .

Wishing awesome birthdays to:

@RodR :cake:

@OldCryptonian :cake:

@Moz1 :cake:

@CyrtheDon :cake:

Anniversaries: November 12th, 2020

There are some big pub anniversaries coming our way, so let’s celebrate! Congrats and thanks for your support! :bitrocket: .

:tada: Happy Pub Anniversary To : :tada:


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