Nucleus Vision ( NCASH) Exit Scam?


Hi asking for help here also if there are any Indians in TBP that can verify the Rumour about NCASH doing an exit scam?

They’ve Deleted all the pictures off the official website of the Advisors and even the CEO!
Literally shutdown the Telegram groups there are no Admins well there was 1 I hadn’t been in the Telegram for a few months, when I noticed they had kicked me out of the main group so I joined the smaller one but it was like a ghost town so I started digging and it seems that they have done an Exit Scam.

They had a Blockchain event in India so the top Shillers also went who were obviously paid by these Scam Coins…

Can someone do a check who has pull in India


Sell sell sell, they have made off with the money


I did see this on them shutting down the Telegram group!


I’m gonna hold my 20k


Their twitter page is still live and has recent posts!


Yes `I know Thanks it seems like they are now posting stuff again, but checkout their website totally deleted all their shammy Advisors off their and even the CEO has taken his picture off just some random pictures of some Old guys who represent absolutely nothing!


Just hang in there…Doesnt look like things can get much worse lol


not spreading FUD here but many of my friends have sold NCASH


I guess this is a true test of weak and strong hands!



I had big hopes… I was sure that ncash would help me get a Lambo on Uranus…Ncash was past the moon for me… I was focused on Uranus…and now to think… I may never even get to see Uranus…brings tears to my eyes.


HODL on at this point. Did you guys see the images of the devices being installed in stores? Really, what’s the point in selling at this point. I believe they have a foothold in India. Unfortunately, India is not crypto-friendly at the moment so that could be a major factor.


What am I gonna do sell it buy some bubble gum


Some change to throw in the fountain… :wink:


On our way to Uranus with Nucleus Vision. Go NV! LOL


Wait, what percent is NCASH down from it’s ATH, or from it’s ICO price?


I bought in when it was really low, but it isn’t going anywhere FAST.



for any Indian news follow @ coincrunchin and website

MSM are fake they dont understand the tech


It’s around 90% I think