Nvidia 1080 ti Extra Power Inputs (Solved)



Hey Team! Newbie question here.

I just received my 1080 ti gpu for my rig, I have it mounted to a powered riser with juice from the psu.

Is this sufficient power for the card or do I need to power it from the top as well (as if it was in a normal pci slot)?

I figured wince this is a powered riser it is getting the power?

The card turns on and is recognized but for some reason I am not getting hash power from it yet.

Just exploring options.



Update: I have found a forum post where they are saying your powered risers, for larger cards, should not be powered by the sata to molex connectors.

That was my setup so I changed out the cable, but still is not hashing yet.

Still looking, thanks team


can you post a picture.

i can imagein you are going to power such a beefy card with just a PCI riser whether its powered or not.

I mean, for my GPUs i have TWO dedicated 8 pin PCIE power cables off the PSU AND a powered riser


I will post pic, but i found in the ethOS error log that it is unable to communicate with card because is insufficiently powered.

So according to this I will need to plug in the extra power inputs.

I will for sure post a pic @JasonMasterNET



Cables provided, power on top and the riser on which it sits, only the one under the 1080ti is hidden, but it is powered with a dedicated power cable to the psu


The cable they gave me seems to take two PCIe and combine them for one of the power inputs on top the card. But I have done that and the powered riser. Still not enough. I am still digging :slight_smile:


Ahh you have both 8pin cables on top. Ok I was combining 2 6pin cables with the supplied y, and plugging that single 8pin in. But I will need two. I hope my corsair came with enough of those.


Well Eu-F***ing-reka using the 8pin to duel 6 or combined 8pin cables from my Corsair did the trick! Hashing at 726 right off the get go! hot damn!

Thanks so much @JasonMasterNET!


awesome glad you got it working… i was confused as well when i got mine… i thought one of the power inputs was a passthrough. it needed both


It is confusing! I used to build Pc’s and Servers all the time, but this is a different beast!

Happy to be learning everyday! And if every crisis for me took 45 minutes to solve life would be too easy.

Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:


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