Nvidia GPU prices 10 series go down after 20 series are out?



Do you guys think the Nvidia 1080 Ti cards will go down further in price when the new 2080 Ti’s make it out on 20 Sept 2018? Currently on amazon they’re about $689 on Amazon. Maybe another $100 down? Reason I’m looking in this specific one is because of the ethenlargementpill that I can use while mining Ethereum classic and for the money compared to lets stay a 2070 or 2080, I think I maybe able to get more hash power from the 1080 Ti unless I spend money to get the 2080 Ti for almost double the price which I won’t be doing.


Why not save yourself the trouble and buy $689 worth of ETC while it’s cheap. The break-even point on one 1080Ti is likely 5.25 years, assuming no difficulty changes and a consistent price. Obviously none of that will remain static.

Today with $689 you can buy 63.26 ETC (at $10.89 per ETC).

To answer your original question, will the 1080Ti get cheaper? Yes.


Look I’m not trying to shoot down your idea of mining. I also mine with 1080Ti, but I broke even in January 2018, when these 1080Ti made lots of money, unfortunately it’s not the case anymore.


You cannot look at break even prices or ROI based on snap shots in time. Profits on mining come 1 - 2 years down the road so your calculation of 5.25 years is only true if every stays exactly the same for the next 5.25 years. So if every thinks that the price is going to go up in 2019 then so will the BTC that he collects now.

I started mining at a low point roughly July of 2017 and broke even about Nov 2017.

@cryptorice - I would not buy new. I would browse craiglist and the like for used cards with the 2080’s coming out. The issue here is the 20 series is going to be significantly more than the 10 series and thus the 10 series doesn’t have to drop its price.

On New Egg currently the 1080 are still right around $500 which is their release price and the 2080 is around $840. With the 2080 and 2080ti already being out the price on the 10 series isn’t going to drop for a while unless you go to the used market.


Expect even lower prices on Ebay after the new cards come out…though I’d vote to buy crypto instead of mining


Thanks for the replies. Yes I am still buying BTC weekly on Fridays. I’m using Abra to “buy” ETC as well, then when the market rises to a good point for me, then I’ll trade ETC for BTC. My main intent is not to mine and sell as soon as possible, but to mine and HODL for future rise in price, then sell at a price that I am ready to sell and pay taxes for. I’ll take a look at ebay and such for cheaper prices on the 1080 Ti’s. I know this mining thing is a long game and I am trying to accumulate coins passively throughout a long term period as a hobby. I only have one rig and plan to keep it to one 6 card rig. :slight_smile:


So when you started mining at a low point, you mean when the market was down and not doing so well?


Yeh BTC was around $1700 it had just dropped quite drastically.


The new cards are out. Why does everyone keep saying “when the new cards are out”. You can order them now. Historically this is when you would see the price drop that everyone has been talking about. Any price drop after this is just normal old tech price drop and doesn’t relate to the launch. You are not going to see a normal price drop this launch because they raised the prices of new cards high enough that the old tech is priced appropriately when compared to the new tech.

To better explain this.

Gen 1 card release price = $100
Gen 2 card release price = $100 meaning Gen 1 card needs a price drop to say $80
Gen 3 card release price = $100 now both Gen 1 and 2 take another price hit Gen 1 =$50 Gen 2 =$80
Gen 4 card release price = $200 no other cards take a price hit because Gen 4 raised the release price.

This is what is happening with the Nvidia cards. It wouldn’t surprise me if AMD follows suit later with their new cards.


Thanks for the input on this. I guess it wont matter much in price drop for the 1080 Ti’s (on Amazon since I mainly shop on Amazon) if the new 20’s line for Nvidia cards come out. I’ll check out ebay for used ones in great condition but if they’re nearly close to a brand new one, I’ll just get brand new from Amazon for $689 http://a.co/d/7isc00s. Just need one more card to add to my rig then I’ll feel complete.


Sorry decided to change my mind guys, I’m gonna wait for the 2070s and see how much they hash out. If they hash out way more Mh/s stock (more than the 1080 Ti stock settings) and we can apply the ethenlargementpill onto the 2070s and it gives a crazy Hashrate, then I may look into getting the 2070s. For $599 for the RTX 2070 compared to the $689 1080 Ti? No brainer, Id go for the 2070 if its that much more powerful in hashing plus it uses less watts. I looked on eBay and so many people want to sell used 1080 Ti cards for nearly $700 or more. If they’re listing the 1080 Tis around the $500-$600, shipping cost is listed crazy high.