Nvidia Volta cards coming mid-2018!?


So it looks like the new Nvidia cards will be coming sometime around the end of summer - fall.

I was going to build a 4-8 card altcoin mining rig very soon, but now I’m thinking about waiting until these new cards are released before diving in (ether getting these new cards with better specs or the last gen cards at a better price). Thoughts?


With the current price of GPUs and mining profitability, I would lean towards waiting.


In general I agree with @ImaginaryPi but the longer you wait the higher the difficulty goes. I was able to pick up a 1080ti at MSRP this past friday due to an alert a pub member through in the discord channell that EVGA had them in stock.

My advice is to get your MB and the rest of the equipment ready. Then watch for cards at MSRP. More than likely when these new cards are released they will be hard to get 4-8 cards. So if you can pick up a 1070/1080/1080ti at MSRP now you can start mining and working off the cost of the foundation of your rig then add cards as you can get them at MSRP.

Suggestions. Dont wait. Purchase at MSRP or extremely close say 10% above. Get as many of the new Turing cards as you can as fast as you can.

The new Nvidia gaming cards are not Volta. Volta is going to be enterprise class of cards for AI. I think the new name is actually Turing or Ampere.


damn do they have anymore?
Where did he get the alert from?
I wanted to upgrade from my 1080 to a TI


You can sign up for notifications on their website, but you have to do it by specific card. Normally they are gone with in the hour of being in stock. Occasionally someone will post here in this thread when they see them.

You need to be ready to pull the trigger when they are at MSRP they will not be there long enough for someone to decide if it is worth the price so do your homework now and be ready to pull the trigger.



ABSOLUTELY NOT a problem lol!
I used to be a sneaker head…one of those guys that would try to find and buy rare and limited Air Jordans.

They need an app for that tho… they have a few for the Jordans and restocks.