October 13th 2020 - ROLL CALL! Exploration | Birthdays | Pub Anniversaries


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Spend most of your time exploring.

When you explore, you grow and learn about the things around you.

This can reflect directly on your line of work and skill set.

You’ll also discover new skills and broaden the scope of what you’re able to accomplish. Go out there and get it done.


Birthdays: October 13th, 2020


There’s a birthday celebration that’s here for you! Hope you have an awesome one today :bitrocket: .

Wishing awesome birthdays to:

@Crackton :cake:

@The_Dude :cake:

Anniversaries: October 13th, 2020

You made it to your pub anniversary, and we’re nothing but proud! Thanks for being here, and congrats! :bitrocket: .

:tada: Happy Pub Anniversary To : :tada:



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