Odyssey (OCN) listed on Kucoin!


They’re going to Consensus this weekend. Hopefully investors will be impressed. :bitrocket:



Yi seems intelligent, so there is more than likely coordination here. They are waiting probably closer to consensus to start the steady hype stream:

(1) Announce 1:1 airdrop = Initial Hype
(2) CMC updates circ. supply, putting OCN in top 100 = More visibility, more hype, more volume
(3) More partnership announcements around consensus
(4) Binance listing
(5) 1:1 airdrop commencement


Some time ago, Yi mentioned that it could also be another coin that is airdropped. Meaning if you hold OCN, you get the same dollar amount in another coin.

Imagine what would happen if they decide to airdrop Tron to all OCN holders. Tron pumpers would jump into OCN to increase their stake in Tron. If they did that, things would go parabolic I assume.

Let’s see what happens.


If that’s true, I could quit my job lol.


Will be a wild ride either way, can’t wait to see how these developments unfold.


I feel like this tweet is a pre-announcement, of the announcement of the airdrop, in which actual airdrop (date) will commence after the binance listing (no announcment).

Sequence of events:
(1) Hype up the announcement of the airdrop
(2) Announce the airdrop date
(3) Prior to the airdrop, binance suddenly lists ocn (similar to bcn); no prior warning
(4) 1:1 airdrop passes, there is a retracement
(5) Retracement quickly turns back into another blow-off top bull-run, as people FOMO back in, similar to last-years tron run
(catalysts: bull-market + partnerships + hype + exchange exposure, low fiat coin value)

(6) And then the inevitable 90% drop from peak


My wallet is ready. :bitrocket:


Ok man - FOMO mode ON - i’m in :cowboy_hat_face::muscle:


Well, better to fomo in sub 500 sats than over 1000 :grin:

I feel like the biggest component of all this will be the binance listing tbh. Let’s see what that does to the cap, I’m expecting an easy 2-3x if Loom and BCN are any indictation


My only concern is that OCN is going to dump hard after the airdrop or even before if the airdrop is lame. Might have to hop back on over to Tron for pre main net gains.


Whales trying to suppress the price but OCN won’t be denied. Moon rocket is fueled up and ready to go. :bitrocket:


now what? abcdefghij


I sold as soon as I saw that lame tweet. 6 months is too long to wait for airdrops. Putting profits into Oyster and Tron for main net releases, maybe some DBC for potential Binance listing. Should get a small profit. OCN has bounced back about 100 sats, but may only survive if they announce a Binance listing.


Now Yi is saying OCP may be airdropped in as little as a few weeks. He’s killing the coin lol.


I dont understand what happen, I still did not bought my first bag just follow the price afk for 2 hours and saw the dump
It’s because people expected the airdrop this week ?


I think people were expecting to get more OCN or TRX (wishful thinking, I know), and certainly not waiting until November 11th for it.


Well imagine what happen after the airdrop. If the majority of them hold the coin just for that it’s about too become a pump and dump


Well, I did say it would be a wild ride :joy:


How is everyone feeling about this project ? I feel like I shouild of taken profits


Definitely. I was expecting it to be at least 6 cents. I got the feeling it would dump after the Twitter announcement (telegram group’s attitude) so I stayed up and had all of my alerts set. I might pick up some more when it’s way cheap and see what the OCP drop is all about.