Official GoNetwork ICO thread

GoNetwork is creating a highly scalable, low cost mobile first network infrastructure for Ethereum.

For me the most impressive thing about the project is the team. They won Ethereum’s biggest Hackathon ETHWaterloo.

Also, they have a Ian Shillina as advisor and have nearly 70k people in telegram. The shill factor will be there… - whitelisting now

There are however some red flags so be more careful with this one. In the below video by Hunting the Coins, he is giving us a very honest review where he tells us to avoid it.

However, there are more videos on YouTube that says GoNetwork looks good!


Guys, looks like this one is going to be a Dutch Auction. No thanks.

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Yeah too many red flags for me so I’m going to avoid but wanted to put it out there in case people like it as their team is strong.

What’s a ducth auction by the way?


Price starts at the highest and goes down…

What a shame, this had the Ian Balina hype as you mentioned.


Yeah fuck that I’m not about playing games.

Shame but plenty more quality ones to go after.

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Thanks for the topic and the red flags, i think no one will invest after that video btw.


Thanks for this. Finally got around to checking this out more.


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