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Hi Patrons,

I wanted to make a thread for us Patrons to discuss upcoming top ICO’s with the aim of participating either individually or as a group (pool). I’d like to keep this as clean as possible so I wanted to suggest a rule where we only discuss the potential ICO’s in this thread and if any of us feel that ICO in question has potential, we make a separate thread for that particular ICO, just like Siggy has done with In each of the threads, can we add resource material links for that ICO in the first post? This will need to be managed by the Original Poster. Can we call the thread ‘‘Official ico name ICO thread’’

I will continually edit this post to leave the names of each of the ICO’s we want to discuss in this first post so we can always refer back to it. Please tell me if you want an ICO added to this post. So we don’t get carried away, can we try and keep it to ICO’s we feel VERY strongly about?

With regards to pools, I think it might be wise for us to do our own if we feel getting in on a private sale or presale that has a large minimum limit will be well worth it. I suggest we have a vote on this and if our pledges reaches the required minimum amount, we will go ahead with the sale.

We need to put own minds together and take advantage of the potential riches this space can offer us. We can only maximize our chances by working together, hopefully resulting in us being able to create generational wealth for our family.

Who’s up for it?


  • - known as Bitcache - thread made
  • Auditchain - thread made
  • Coupit - thread made
  • GoNetwork - thread made
  • Moonlight - thread made
  • Quarkchain
  • Lightstream
  • Newton
  • nOS

This is my top ico…

Still looking for Videocoin… i’m so confused about that…

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Looks good mate, I’ve added it to the list.

Would you like to create a thread on it? I know there is on already in the non patron area.


nOS looks like a must as well mate

These are also on my personal list.


nOS is only selling to those that contribute to the block chain eco system so developers and the like. I don’t think us ‘normals’ will have a chance. Look into it, im sure that’s what I found out.

I don’t know about the others. If I add them will you be willing to create a thread for each one? Or if someone else wants to jump in and help?

Had a very quick look at them all and they seem very interesting.

EDIT - Just looked and nOS will have a public sale after private and presale. More info soon.


I think a pub ICO group and I do sharing is a great idea…and keeping it in Patron makes the most sense.

Btw…anyone looked into quark chain?


There is not enough confirmed information about Newton, yesterday we talked about it on the Elastos Telegram channel just it.

When it comes to other projects like Quarkchain, do we have a chance to participate? They do not accept me to KYC but if have a pool opportunity i can look more deep in to it and we can discuss.

What about Metronome? I’m chasing them till 3-4 months i think. Jeff Garzik is not doing an ICO, he is thinking to do something like Auction.

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The issue i have with Quarkchain is they are holding a lottery based on points including how long you’ve been in their telegram and how else have you contributed to the exposure of the project. I’m going to pass on it personally but if you have time, it might bve worth getting as many points as possible as the interest in this is high.

Don’t know a thing about Metronome… Auctions I don’'t really like… too much of a headache for me personally.


This is great. Thank you!!


Great guys…this year we all going to retire


moonlight sounds great haha

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I already retired my wife in March, I’m having way too much fun with my job, so I’m not retiring anytime soon, I do go travel a lot more though, been privately this year to London and Canary Islands. I’m currently on Cyprus and later this year I’m going to Crete, Cyprus again and on a cruise (Italy, Spain, France). Those are all booked. Other than that I’m hoping on going on 2-3 more trips to Dubai, Maldives and maybe one more time Greece.

Find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life, so no need to retire either, if you can work anywhere in the world.


Is your job hiring. :sunglasses:


I think we should also have our own telegram group so information can be relay faster. Thanks for the contributions Dutty! :slight_smile:


That is great man, those trips look amazing. Yeah that is the plan. I like what I do right now, but I am making someone else make more money. The plan is to build my own company, hopefully this year.


Yes thats a part of it :slight_smile:

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We do have discord chat but I don’t know how many people use it. A telegram chat would be pretty cool. Would have to restrict it as anyone can come in. Discord is for patrons only and we could have @john make us a room.


Why not get in with the Galaxy Pool with Limes ? They have done several pre-sales already including Videocoin. He has good contacts from larger groups from what i have seen.


Nothing against Limes, he’s doing a great job and clearly has a successful track record. Maybe we can utilise him if he’s doing one and the our Patrons here want to get involved.

Some people have said they’ve missed the galaxy pools due to high demand. Maybe we can be an addition to his one or something

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