[OFFICIAL] IOTA Thread - The Internet of Things?

try read about this coin my friends :slight_smile: thank me soon :slight_smile:


Great info :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it currently traded anywhere other than bitfinex?

not really, and that could be bad because of these news of bitfinex "to bar u.s. customers from the exchange trading"
iota is interesting though for sure.

got my iota coins from bitfinex…

I just bought up a whole bunch and I guess I’ll have to find a way to store it off of bitfinex. Does anyone know how to set up a cold wallet?

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Going strong with my IOTAS bought in at 0,31!! Any idea where it can take us?

Whats the deal with IOTA?

A great investment. I hold 179 since 2 weeks ago.

I bought into IOTA a few days ago. 450 MIOTA during the recent dip. Pretty happy with the development so far.
This is what I learned from researching IOTA news:

I believe IOTA is german or at least has a lot of german influence. There has been some kind of government grant/startup funding going into IOTA.
Recently partnered with a company that hopes to solve a major issue in the refugee crisis: securing identities for people without any physical documents. This is acutally very big. I know a number of people who work in or around the aftermath of the Syrian refugee crisis and the lack of proper identification due to people losing their stuff along the way has been a major issue costing the german government billions, as the review process for asylum seekers becomes so much more complicated without papers.
IOTA hopes to solve this with their tangle technology and the lack of fees, by securing digital identities that cannot be lost, forged or abused.

The next piece of news that really tipped the balance for me was the recent developments in the automotive industry and IOTA. From what I understand, IOTA is working with Volkswagen to integrated a cars software into a network that reliably stores and secures a cars history and basic information. This means the cars odometer readings cannot be faked and stolen vehicles can be instantly traced across borders back to their owners without the need for copying a physical VIN (vehicle identification number) and running it through a system of national registration services. Anyone who has purchased a car will know how huge this is, as it would eliminate the uncertainty that arises from buying used cars. The cars history would be immutable and publicly available!
Additionally Porsche recently nominated an IOTA based startup as runner up during an automotive innovation contest.

IOTA is making big moves in the background, making moves in the automotive industry (Porsche, VW) and cooperating with companies that are tackling major issues in the public sector. It all seems very eurocentric to me, so maybe the recent china hype has allowed the news to be dimissed by many.

The only reason I made an account with bitfinex was IOTA. I have high hopes.


https://youtu.be/nswo5CurPxA :sunglasses:

The Blockchain has had 8 years of progress. Considering the remarkable pace at which this technology has developed, the race is already on to write the next chapter. One of the many promising candidates vying to do just that is

IOTA which focuses on the critical intersection between IoT and the Blockchain and aims to bring scalability, quantum security and fee-less payments to the Internet of Things.

During this Meetup, Dominik Schiener, one of the creators of IOTA, will take us down the mythical rabbit hole to explain how this new decentralized network is designed to be the backbone for the IoT economy. Mr. Schiener’s talk will cover the innovative Tangle, IOTA’s new kind of distributed ledger (without blocks!) and how he believes that the Machine Economy fueled by IOTA tokens will transform our world.

Mr. Schiener’s work has won several prizes from Deloitte, Wanxiang, GTEC and the ENBD Group. His project CargoChain, which introduces IoT and Blockchain solutions to international trade, was the winner of one of the largest Blockchain Hackathon to date, held in Shanghai in January 2016.

Mr. Schiener is an entrepreneur and developer from Italy who is currently living in Berlin. He has been involved with digital currencies for more than 4 years, initially starting with mining, then moving on to his own private ventures. He owned two cryptocurrency to fiat trading platforms, one based in Switzerland, the other in the U.K. For the past year he has concentrated on applications for Smart Cities, the Internet of Things, eGovernance and Big Data. He writes, “Voting and digital identity are especially great areas for Blockchain-related research because they hold real potential for improving our everyday life.”

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I also must open a Bitfinex to be able to buy IOTA.
I bought 200 last end of May at 0.00009800 btc
Thanks for the info about IOTA.
If is german, is quality!


I’m not 100% how german it is, but there was a rooftop talk with IOTA team and the guy doing the talking was definately german. One thing I can tell you is that if IOTA is working within the German regulatory environment it’s potentially unstoppable. We have strict regulation here, but get past that and you are going to Saturn.


Will be buying into IOTA more and more as news releases and current trend continues. IOTA has been very healthy with a nice consistent rise.


Yes, very interesting.
I saw in the video that Volkswagen is doing something with IOTA. This sounds good!
And of course, IOTA has been keeping a consistent rise so far, the same consistent rise as Unobtanium (UNO), my favourite secret rare precious metal.


tell me more about UNO, What is it? the team, the vision, the market etc. I don’t have time to do all the reasearch atm, as this market is already overloading me just keeping up with what I hold/plan to hold

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Join us at Telegram Channel.
Falling Knife and Bryce Weiner are active members:

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will have to do that later. don’t actually have an account with telegram.

iota will be very very big soon :slight_smile:i believe in this coin :slight_smile: the applications are so futuristic i don’t even know when it’ll be applied, but i know it will be great soon , well i can’t wait! :slight_smile:

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