Official NEO Discussion Thread



He is just a believer in Neo. Quite a smart guy and very informed on the project on a technical level as well. I live his rants! Always makes me very bullish haha. But yes your right he knows how to express his enthousiasm in a nice pumpvideo :joy:


I sold all my NEO for ICX but will gladly invest back into NEO via averaging in. It is a fantastic tech and part of the gigantic Chinese market. I is a wise buy any way you look at it. Remember, it pays you GAS too.So when you speak of NEO there are combined ways to earn money.


Today is pay day. Shall get some more NEO.


Neo is shaping up to have a solid year. Just cuz I don’t talk about it as much doesn’t mean I don’t believe it! :rocket:


what do you guys think?


I’m glad I didn’t do that. My ICX and NEO are roughly equal and my NEO has been consistently outperforming ICX over the past month.


Yeah, I have to say that my wife is yelling at me dumping it while the ICX cost basis trails where I WOULD have been if I still had it. I am confident hat I wilk far surpass my NEO cost basis but that is a risk, as yky well knkw. When I am up big, I will diversify again and hold (NEO, LRC, ADA and ELF) and BTC of course.:grin:


Likewise, NEO has been outperforming ICX this month. I love my BTC, NEO, and ICX (yes, in that order).
Sad that hardly anyone in this forum talked about NEO anymore.

I have been a firm believer and investor in NEO since starting out back in August. My position has only been “buy” and haven’t sold a single NEO…


I agree, the pub was all about NEO for a while and then suddenly it turned into a desert wasteland. I’ve held since September. I think the biggest hit to this thread was when Harry sold. He was the NEO king for a while there.


I’m sure your wife is all knowing in hindsight. Armchair quarterbacks are the best to deal with.


She was a former finance exec and now a CFP so REALLY looks at the numbers. I just told her, “Trust me!” Those may be my General Custer last words! :smiley:


This is why I love decentralization. There shouldn’t be any single person championing a nice project.

In the case of NEO, $140 is still severely undervalued given that there have been many dApps built on it, and more incoming. Also, I’m sure the first NEO DevCon will drive an upward price movement.

All those said, price is only a small component that sometimes masks the potential of a project. The way I see it: Ethereum is good for not-very-serious ICOs, and NEO is ideal for serious ICOs (because developers have to fork out 500 GAS to deploy a dApp).


Yep, agreed. I think NEO will be undervalued as long as China is not in the game. As soon as their doors open NEO will skyrocket faster than you can put in an order. 2018 without China I see $250 NEO. 2018 with China I see $1,000 NEO.


Thats why I am getting back in the NEO train when I can.


Just waiting for the Friday dip to put more money into NEO.


Those may be my General Custer last words! :smiley:

No, Custers last words were-



haha! big difference is we will all come out on top!


NEO just overtook LTC for market cap! SWEEEEEETTTTT

XLM in sightes! 1B away! :rocket::rocket:


XLM down… :neo: ADA target acquired!! :neo:

6 B might take longer than 13 hours though.


Amazing! NEO at #6 now Cardano needs to just go away until it has an actual product. Why a white paper only is at #5 is beyond me.