Official Pub Recipe Thread?....What's on the menu?

One of the goals that I set for 2018 is to up my cooking game. Seeing that we have a well rounded diverse community I was hoping we could share what’s on our own menus and lend a hand in learning to up the cooking game. Anyone willing to contribute? Post recipes and pics, your favorite meal, go to meal when company is arriving, Sunday go to, share past dinner stories.etc…Just a thread revolved around food and good company.

I would love to kick off the thread but I’m still trying to get out of the frozen food section at the market.

*If there is already a thread like this, please close this one and direct me to the current. Thanks!


Live this idea! I’m always making fresh pasta and cooking, so I’ll contribute!


The frozen food section and box food sections are my “jam” lol. At least that is what the Fiance and her family says. I make some killer hamburger helper dishes. My favorite though is my chilli. It doesn’t fit everyone’s taste buds as it is not blazing hot, but I love it. Will post recipe a bit later.


I was thinking this was for recipes for success! LOL I love to cook and cook mostly Paleo. I have a to die for Curry Chicken Soup.


I’m more the ‘ready meals for one’ category of chef :wink: but I LOVE food! Look forward to getting some cooking tips here - and I have a friend who is a natural in the kitchen, trying to persuade her to join right now :smiley:


While I’m not actually adding any recipes at this moment. Ive learned that a person should have at least 4-5 types of dishes under their belt.
Por ejemplo:

1 soup/stew.
1 meal that can be eaten the next day.
Such as a lasagna or a ziti
1 quick prep like a ribeye steak or fish
(Hot dogs and fish sticks don’t
count. Although, grilled cheese
and pimping out a ramen with
more than an egg is cool too)
1 specialty
I am working on two myself.
Bulgogi and Jap Chae.
Trying to emulate my mom’s recipe,
but not their yet

Can’t forget to hone those skills in the grill. Hashtag: TriTipYesPlease

I plan on making the Jap Chae for my future mother in law soon. When I do, I will post the finished product.


Look forward to seeing the finish product! :slight_smile:

Soup: Tortilla and Bavarian soup are two I’d like master.

Steak: Still working on perfecting this. I cook in a cast iron skillet. I’m getting close

Specialty: This is one I need to come up with! I don’t have one yet.

My grill skills in non-existent so far haha!


you got this Mic Check!!

Ya, know… I’ve never cooked in a cast iron skillet.
I do make a good rib eye though. Irish butter, salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder. 1 flip, 2 45 degree turns on each side before flipping. Let the rib eye chill outside the fridge for like 20 minutes before cooking.
(depends on thickness. If you cook a steak right out the fridge, the center will be cold while the outside burns up.)
Meats and veggies Im ok with, soups and stews though… I need help.


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