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So, I thought to put all TRON news I find in this topic and discuss it here.

My first contribution to this topic:
Tweet: Tron ranked in #16 from a Chinese tech KOL (“very famous” according to Justin Sun)
Tweet: Upcoming Periscope live stream at PST 18:30, Feb 11th. a briefing on the main net and architecture of TRON.



the Periscope thing will probably be bad, but I really hope they are able to make the deadline on the main net launch. having a real, actual product might clear up lots of the FUD surrounding TRON.


Tweet: Tron listed on Bibox365 exchange (

Bibox seems like a small exchange.


Alipay & WeChat mentioned in Github

WeChat could be interesting:

Source: Reddit user

Tencent’s WECHAT (Value at over 500 Billion USD)
a) Wechat is massive in China, everyone in China uses Wechat.
b) How is TRON going to generate value from Wechat? Wechat has subscription accounts which authors can write posts/articles to there followers. (This imo will have a larger market and community than STEEM will ever hope to achieve).
同道大叔 is one of the listed partners of TRON. He is a Chinese influencer with a very successful business on wechat subscription accounts.
If he decides to support TRON tokens as a form of reward from his fans, this will introduce TRON into China’s mainstream market very rapidly.


Today TRX Transfer should be working in the Peiwo app.






Im not sure you can compare spaceX to Tron. You could also name a bunch of companies with similar arcs that failed.

I want to believe theyll get it done, but its gonn be awhile




advanced, as in…will be quicker or is delayed?


Lets see - maybe that penny stock gets some life again… :cowboy_hat_face:


penny stock with 20,000 btc volume… yeah… lmao


calling cryptos penny stocks. Ahhahaha. :stuck_out_tongue: … You guys are hilarious… haters of steem, haters of tron. Always hate Platforms shipping DAPPs. Why? your precious bitcoin going to be forgotten and left behind by much more robust and user friendly systems? oh no!! the humanity!!


it is ok, most people (not saying ccpsw is one of them) shit on TRON.
But they forget that a lot of the cryptocurrencies on the first page of Coinmarketcap are development, progress wise equal to or even worse than TRON.
Often they support those, but bash on TRON.

The point is: let them :slight_smile: it is completely fine. their opinion doesn’t change if yours is more positive about the project.


From 2 days ago:


positive for crypto in general, but TRON as well:


The TRON GitHub stats for this month: