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Source of the snippet about TRON in the article: Ambcrypto


Tron at press time was trading at $0.029 with a market cap of $1.9 billion. It is currently very far away from its all-time high of $0.25, which like most other token was achieved in the early part of January 2018. TRON has been in the media recently as well with the news about their tech expansion, the partnership with BitGuild and addition of TRX in multiple exchanges.

Kelvin Lee, a Bitcoin and altcoin miner from Cayucos says,

“TRX is one silent mofo, there’s serious fomo to be expected when this shit rises above the rest. Justin Sun is entertaining and we need this entertaining, funky token in the industry. I believe Tron along with Ripple, Monero, Dash and Litecoin could be the next game changers”
Freddy Clifton, a TRX investor says,

“Ahhh, I feel sad… It’s fuckin 3 cents. Looks like it could be 1 cent. The problem with getting in the market so late, you lose money. I learnt it the hard way but over time I have been learning about Justin and Tron’s foundation. It seems promising. I will be a hodler.”

In conclusion, Tron supporters feel, TRX could be bottomed out and should be changing the trend soon. Surprisingly against the regular trend, TRX believers a good 65% say, TRX will break the Bitcoin price pattern and move to a bullish swing soon.


Article about TRON and it’s main net launch:


people who like tron enjoy being poor. This coin is a scam, if you can’t see that I’ve got no words for you.


just wondering about your data and facts about tron being a coin scam? Any good stuff to back your scam claim?


It is a baseless statement :slight_smile:


even if tron is a scam, i cant do SHIT with my coins because its still low lol


hopefully the test net in a few weeks will boost confidence in this project, which should up the price again.


Lol, please go above 13 cents haha


indeed. and then back to 0.3ct again please when main net is live.


why do i have a bad feeling haha


Still low price and today only the Tron up 20%
Price actual € 0.025188


stackin Tron yeah yeah! :call_me_hand:t5:



10 days till test net. My thoughts are that this should remove some FUD and will slowly lead to price increases as partnerships and exchanges get added


And then TRX started sky rocketing last night out of nowhere. Up 35% in a 24hr period. Is this because of the test launch they’re doing?


Yeah, and coin burn supposedly. I like what the team is doing, and where they are going. Actually signing partners and hiring some nice names. You may never see it at 3-5 cents ever again. I believe in the project . I loaded more :call_me_hand:t5:


i was very bullish on TRON when i first encountered its project. I want tobuy more again too.

didnt they announce they were going to token burn?


I don’t think that their new hire for the tech team has impact on the price/is part of the reason for the sudden growth.

This probably is:
March 31 or earlier - Coin Burn
March 31 - First Beta Launch
March 31 - Testnet Launch

I hope this will take it back to $0.10/0.11

on Reddit I’ve red that it will be a transactional burn (each transaction burns some coins), same way Ripple did it apparently.


My opinion is that Justin is doing TRON a disservice by saying things like “TRON is the new bitcoin”. and in another post “TRON is expanding to Europe”, just because Binance is moving to Malta. That is just stupid, TRON is simply listed on an exchange and because they need to move for legal reasons doesn’t mean that TRON is expanding to another continent.


Could not agree more. This is a “dumb stupid money” investment for me. Justin Sun has no clue about the press side of things. He is not from the West so he doesn’t understand the implication of his thoughts on his brandings. LIke tron. This is not a great sign. But, tron just need to put out code that works … Nothing else. If the code works it’ll spread virtually faster than facebook did or myspace, possible email. Just depends on the code and end user experience with a decentralized network. Personally i hold more steem than TRON.