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I have a soft spot for Tron since it is kind of an underdog. I agree Justin Sun’s tweets could be more professional, but they are so funny. I might be announcing an announcement that will come next week! Stay tuned for big partnerships! lol


the real problem is that he doesn’t learn from his mistakes. he keeps doing stupid things on twitter.
his team should get a serious marketing manager that understands both the asian as well as the western markets.


you mean like trump tweets?


Yes #damncharacterlimits



The price has been going crazy today


I still think that we would be incredibly lucky if we reach $0.20 EOY. Justin did and remains doing a lousy job in his communication even though his project atm looks fine. They are not a vaporware project.

I think he hinders building mainstream trust in the project.
It is incredibly hard to change opinions of all the haters and parrots that keep repeating shit (often without basis calling it a scam)


Looks like K-Pop boy band in that picture, Justin Sun to the rescue?

Darcy C


nice spending of the marketing budget :smiley:


just red in the TRON Telegram group that Bithumb will allow users to trade TRX on April 9th.

It is listed, but not tradable. did not know that.



I wonder if we’ll see another pump tonight? :moneybag:


Tron again down:/ Price actual is €0.032537 and today lose -4.65%


So whatsup with tron? At 4 cents usd I mean is it worth it just to invest and see? Or is this going to just drop off? I see lots of news updates, but maybe its far off from being ready.


We should see another pump before main net release end of May. If main net meets expectations, I would imagine we will see higher lines of support. Maybe 5 or 6 cents.


do you think that will ever reach 1$ , and would it take years if so?


Peeps… have fun holding your bags of TRON!!!


Depends on if the product is any good. The market cap would have to 25x. There will also be a lot of resistance from bag holders of 10 cents or more. I would buy now and sell at 6 cents before the main net.


wonder if it’ll play out ($0.45ct per TRX).


Big gainz on Tron! Believe people. You can Hate on justin Sun PR. I freakin love it. A guy involved with his product . A guy that is a work freak . Sets goals. Achieve’s them. Done more than most people twice his age. GitHub contributions consistency is awesome. He’s a do’er. Not a talker. Such a young project that will explode in time. :call_me_hand:t5: