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Cryptocurrency Ripple reaches a market cap of $73.6B, overtaking Ethereum as the number two digital currency; data from CoinMarketCap shows Ripple achieved gains of more than 42 percent in a single day; the cryptocurrency is up more than 5,000 percent since the start of 2017.

A red-hot close to 2017 briefly caused Ripple’s XRP to overtake Ethereum as the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Ripple, which focuses on bank transfers, sported gains of more than 40% at one point Friday, propelling it to a record high and a market cap of $73.65 billion, according to data from CoinMarketCap.com. The dethroning was also captured in a tweet from @WillyKracket:

XRP has since pared its gains and slipped back into the third spot in terms of size.

The cryptocurrency, which is up about 61% over the past week and more than 5,000% this year, has been on a tear since Ripple’s Asian subsidiary and a group of Japanese credit-card companies announced a new consortium Wednesday. The consortium aims to identify how blockchain and distributed-ledger technology can be deployed in credit-card payments.

The news of the consortium follows a bullish month for the coin, which has been propelled to new heights by interest from Asia, according to reporting by Forbes.

“Asians are going mad for Ripple,” Alexey Ivanov, the CEO and cofounder of Polynom Crypto Capital, a Moscow-based cryptocurrency and blockchain investment fund manager, told Forbes.

via Business Insider

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Whats the pubs view is this a coin people should consider buying and adding to their portfolio?


Yoooo i guess this kid was right :stuck_out_tongue: 34min50 mark


Who would of guess the banker coin would go up. I’m waiting for a better price before adding more to my hodl collection.


I would have thought. Banks are still going to be around for a very long time and not everybody cares about getting rid of the banks. Not saying that i prefer this but its just reality.


Xrp at 1.84

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I think you can’t go wrong with ripple if you want to double your money within a month. It will probably get added to coinbase in 2018, which will make it go up even more.


I like the calm guy in the blue, almost 18 and he’s thinking about it, he’ll do well!


So why are Koreans pumping this up?
i thought maybe banks are trying to get it past bitcoin. they can do that, smh


For those doubting a centralized bankcoin, just think of the people scoffing at you when you were talking about Bitcoin in its early days. I’m not saying ripple will go up or down, I’m just saying some general advice if someone feels strongly about something (and many ripple fanboys do), it might be worth to pay attention to it

As Jeff Bezos said, when he disagrees with someone his action is to “disagree and commit”


Interesting you don’t hear the msm talking about ripple being in a bubble…


Exactly…it’s a conspiracy!!!


Hahaha that kid prolly sold his Ripple right after.


Cryptos are anti banking so why buy Ripple? I say fu$k Ripple to death but I am one lonely man trying to have integrity in a world of sellouts. Do what you want though, it’s your universe too. Consider the Crypterium Ico.


Yeah exactly. Ripple would be the cancer of crypto. Who is actually in this to make money?


That was the most neutral, non-committal comment I’ve read in a while where I didn’t really know if the poster was trying to make a point. Are you saying Ripple is misunderstood? I don’t get it.


100% Crypto for the people. Screw the Fat Cats, but hey we all need that fucking Lambo. Oh shit i hope Vitalik is not reading this :joy:


F*** a Lambo. I just need my mortgage paid off.


There’s more to life than lambos’s. I know you’re kidding but seriously where do we draw the line? I value my freedom and the future is balanced on the edge of a knife. I sincerely hate Ripple with all my heart.


Yes haha id rather pay/buy my house first then buy a Lambo :yum: