:ripple: OFFICIAL XRP Thread



Usual Ripple yearly pump and dump.
If you look at the history.
This was a massive pump though I admit.
Not sure if it has finished.
Made a little profit and smashed it into TRON TRX


I challenge anyone to fill this out. Would be nice to have a central data set on it…



Look at that fidget spinner.
Never underestimate your enemy :smiley:


Looks to me, all banks started getting together just like we as a community is getting together.
They will push this ripple globally.
They know we have been taking our fiat from our accounts.
They have no money now to lend it to another person!!!
They feel threatened as they want money and control…



Hmm… I may have to buy on this dip.


Yeah, i am sure the big banks are eyeing Ripple going, YES YES YES, this is how we will do it… LoL Pinky & the Brain stuff right there…


She said “Coinbase said we aren’t in this yet!”


Does anyone else think Ripple’s logo looks like a fidget spinner?
Not hatin’ just an observation… Happy New Year !


I like how shes like your a millionaire…he’s like ya if I topple my coin and sell out i am


Interesting vid from Cedric Dahl on why he would not touch XRP with a 10 foot pole I’m not buying any XRP he makes points I have not heard on other reviews of XRP and Ripple


Damn you, I just wanted to post this link :smiley:


Any reason why Binance has ripple at 2.61 and coinmarketcap says its 3.10?


Been on Ripple since it was $0.18 so I’ve been around for awhile. For those who hate this coin, more power to you. But for anyone that says they don’t like centralize coins, answer me this question

Name me “ONE” thing in this world that’s overwhelmingly popular with the "mass majority of the people that is 100% “DECENTRALIZED”


CoinMarketCap shows you the average price across the listed exchanges. XRP sells for 2.61 on Binance. You can check all the markets for XRP that are listed on CMC under the “Markets” tab when you click on a coin.


I don’t want to be that guy… but I think taking the money you’ve made on XRP and dumping it back into BTC is the way to go. BTC will make you way more in the long run. But that’s my opinion.



damn yo. something cannot be unseen…


meta shit :mindblown: