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Another article on the subject, with a link to a Podcast that talks about Ethereum too:


I was talking to a friend about crypto. He doesn’t know anything about it; but his initial perception while speaking was “why invest in bitcoin? If anyone can make a coin, Apple and Google can make one. Those would be the coins i’ll invest in”.

I think this is the general perception of the people who haven’t looked into the technology. Who knows, a name, itself, can make a coin mainstream despite the technology behind it. If Burger King can make a WhopperCoin, imagine how many folks would buy an Apple iCoin, just for the name.


Totally agree. The coin space will become very centralized when it happens. Satoshis original intent or not, money makes the world go round. What better way to control a consumers behavior then by only accepting certain tokens. Apple’s closed system comes to mind. Just wait until Apple has a closed end currency system and only accepts iDollars™ and only partners with certain brands. It will start gradually, then once everyone is used to the tokens the corporations will lock down taking FIAT. How do I know? Cause it’s what I would do. I am still waiting for amazon to buy a bank. Now your money never leaves them.


Hey, don’t knock the Whopper coin. It will be mooning real soon.


@peter I watched your last video about ripple and one reason you say you hate ripple is because they are teaming up with people like MoneyGram and possibly western union. And you said you don’t like them because they hurt the poor with crazy fees, so my questions is this, If ripple ends up reducing those fees segnifictly wouldn’t that void your hate to some degree for ripple, or is it just the fact that they are partnering with the big players and not really the decentralized crypto that the community knows and love?


for your possible reading pleasure…

“The filing claims that Ripple does not need to honor the contract as the consortium failed to hold up its end of the deal which was to sign Ripple up with a bank. It also claims insider knowledge that R3 knew both JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs were pulling out of the consortium.”


I don’t see a problem since they can create as many Ripples as they want… :rofl::troll:


Anyone else see this typo on his screen?


“Coinbase” or its a fruedian and they know sompin we dont and are getting ready to report… most likely very fake news.


I doubled my money in Ripple (first “crypto” I bought) and it got me hooked. I sold a lil’ less than 1/4 of it to 2x my investment and I’m HODLing the rest of it. It is house money at this time so I can’t lose.

If Coinbase adds it or MSM keeps pumping it and it blows up, I’m in a perfect position to make out like gangbusters. If not, I lose nothing.

Oh, I also used a couple dollars of it to get some Doge so it is a win-win. :wink: #astronaut #moonlandingincoming :smile:


I really do NOT get it why they say RIPPLEis possibly going to the moon. I saw Peters RIPPLE video & the hype behind AMEX & the banks getting in line. CEO of Block street, *Amith Nirgunarthy explained it perfectly when he says, “You don’t need the token to use the platform, its centrally managed like the US dollar, the rules can change on you & has a corporate structure which is NOTTTT what BITCOIN is about”.


I believe what people are banking on is the amount of money that is transferred through swift et. al. If ripple can manage to capture 0.25% (25bps) of the 1.25 Quadrillion dollar market quoted below then the coin could moon. I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Maybe long run with this stuff going mainstream.

As far as why they will use the RIpple token. I believe it is due to avoiding FOREX exchange fees. Yes they don’t need to use XRP but they will save a ton more if they do. Or so they say.

f you’re just trying to understand the volume of electronic transactions generally to an order of magnitude, it’s in the quadrillions of dollars per year. According to this document from the US Treasury, SWIFT handles about $5 trillion per day, or given about 250 business days per year, about $1.25 quadrillion dollars a year.

Similarly, CHIPS handles about $400 trillion per year, and Fedwire handles around $900 trillion per year (most of both of these arise out of SWIFT messages). These transactions make up a large fraction of electronic transactions in the world, so it’s safe to assume that the global total isn’t much more than a few quadrillion dollars a year.

SWIFT payment message volumes are usually around 11.5 million per day, giving an average payment size of around $45,000— though if one considers the structure of the payments system, it’s evident that there’s a very wide distribution of payments sizes, so this average isn’t particularly representative.


Disclosure: I hold a very small amount of XRP and am not buying any more.

Latest XRP news. 890 Million XRP were purchased yesterday. That’s nearly 1.5B USD worth. I would guess another entity/bank of some kind unless some billionaires are risking a huge percentage of their wealth.

For those who don’t know, I believe 900 million XRP was bought about 3 weeks before the MoneyGram announcement at around 0.75c It should be noted that the buyer didn’t dump when it hit 2.50 and could have 3x’d their millions.

All speculation of course but I am guessing it is another bank like entity as that is just too much money for an individual to risk. Not many billion dollar crypto hedge funds either. We all know due to Ripple’s announcement that they have 3 money transfer companies coming on this year. I’d suspect the second will be in February.


How could that be true and the price keeps dropping


Because one can’t spell crippled with RIPPLE!


Because there is 100,000,000,000 XRP. You can see the trade on ripple charts.


XRapid is the key here. See this video:


WOW that"s a big buy


Hello John,
I did see Peter’s clip before I posted my comments. I am just not a fan of Ripple all together, but I hope all the PUB community the best of luck with that coin.


Don’t mistake my video for support. I just do the news. :doge: