:ripple: OFFICIAL XRP Thread



Good news about Ripple:
It’s dairy free! As it should be.

It’s currently on sale but it says the regular price is $4.29 so that’s something to look forward to :wink:


Absolutely. I was merely posting for the news. I’m aware of your position. :wink:


I know I am one of the few thinking positively about XRP but here’s an interesting tweet. FOMO of the day Ripple + Facebook? Doubtful, Facebook will make their own coin.

"Facebook‘s Board of Directors: 4 out of 9 have (confirmed) #Ripple ties. Those are AmEx, Gates Foundation, Andreessen/Horowitz and Peter Thiel. techcrunch.com/2018/01/18/fac…

Facebook appoints American Express CEO to board of directors | Facebook announced today the addition of Kenneth I. Chenault, CEO of American Express, to its board of directors. His appointment becomes effective Feb. 5, 2018. Ive been trying to recruit


Facebook likes to own their ecosystem. That’s why they Sherlock FB apps all the time.

I won’t hold my breath there. It’d be huge, but I fully expect them to at least try their own coin; see the Facebook phone as an example.


Evening Everyone!
Hypothetically speaking… if ripple ended up on Coinbase at the end of the first quarter… anyone have some solid theories on how high the price per coin would go?
I know there’s a RIDICULOUS about available… just curious… thanks everyone!


Less than 5 dollars on a generous estimate. Probably around 4. The real action doesn’t start until banks adopt XRP instead of Nostro/vostro and reserve accounts. I think this is still VERY likely but you are talking LONG term. XRP will let the small to medium size banks compete with larger banks on a global scale due to the transfer of funds and the increase in savings. The high market cap is by design so that XRP remains stable. In the bank’s eyes, a currency doesn’t fluctuate by 1000s of dollars. In XRPs case it doesnt matter since transactions right now are taking 4 seconds.

Thier sole goal is to be the most efficient transfer system out there that it forces banks to use their liquidity product, XRP. i.e. the Jevons Paradox. This coin is a long-term HODL and if you were trying to get rich I’d say you missed your window by a month and 7 days.


FYI January 31st ends the XRP trial with Japanese and Korean banks. May or may not be price action. If you’re thinking of selling you might as well until then. If you’re thinking of buying then you might consider it now. I know a lot of people still crying over their 3$ buys.


@Matty is there ANY SIGN ON who’s winning?


Not sure what you mean by “winning.” I have not heard anything on how the tests are going.


Good news for Ripple investors. 2 more confirmed XRP entities. One is in telecom, Ill have to look into that.

The financial technology company, best known for its native digital currency XRP, on Wednesday announced that two payment companies - IDT Corporation and Mercury FX - would begin using its xRapid product to settle certain transactions.

Ripples Q4 report


Daddy like. :smile:

I hope it has a strong dip again so I can grab some lower then sell it higher again. It is all house money at this point so I’m just buying and selling at a profit just to buy some more later. Hopefully this strategy works out while I HODL the rest.


Any speculations as to when XRP might be back near 20k sats?


I bought a little bit of Ripple when it was cheap, but let it go when I seen the light. You helped show me the way! I didn’t want to invest into a coin that’s value was determined upon the company’s success. I slept on the idea of letting it go for a few days. I sat my son, 10, at the table and talked it over with him. I tell him everything, because crypto is his future. I told him that Ripple has a lot of their coins held in escrow. I asked him," What would happen if the company fails?" He thought about it for a moment…“They could release the coins into the market and they wouldn’t be worth anything!” I don’t know if it would play out like that, but it’s a scary thought. I took my profits from XRP and put them into coins that are decentralized in nature and doesn’t depend on a company or team to add value.


maybe after the 31st with korea opening up crypto and IF the XRP trials went well for both japanese and korean banks that are testing the currency.

Unless you have hundreds of thousands though or just looking for play money XRP is not a get rich quick coin.


Sometimes pragmatism > philosophy.

Everyone makes their own decisions!


One thing that could possibly hurt your decision is the lack of research. Ripple is already a profitable company with their xCurrent product. Thier team is paid from that not by selling XRP. The escrowed amount is only for folks in the RippleNet which is capped at 1B per month maximum. Also when they buy from Escrow they get a discount but they are required to hold it as well. That is why those huge Billion dollar purchases this last month haven’t been dumped when they could have made 3X by doing it. While its possible for them to fail it is far less likely than those banking on profits from their ICO.

I think it’s awesome you discuss it with him and I would never tell anyone to go against their gut since regret is poison. There are also plenty of solid coins out there to diversify with as well. My position in Ripple is minimal, I dont trust Jed so much after Mt. Gox, but I think there is a lot of misinformation out there. I would hate for someone get bad info and go against their gut cause they read a redditt thread that trashed any coin without research. I hope the coins you rebalanced to take off!


Agreed. I’ve been taking some Ripple and snagging others like ETC from the profits. When it dipped to $.90, I bought more so the profits from that (about $.40/coin) are going towards further investments.

Trying to work the system w/ Ripple profits as my backing.


last Flash sale everyone before those feb GAINS GOGOGOGOGO :slight_smile:


You think XRP is good to go?


Honestly, it may go down to 1.05 but I sold yesterday at 1.31 and just bought back in at 1.12. Purposely woke up at 3 am to do so, my work day is now done.Tomorrow or even later today you will see it back to $1.35 and then i expect regular gains from then on. But Im just a Canadian keep that in mind :wink: