:ripple: OFFICIAL XRP Thread



Hehe - will keep the Canadian in mind :grin:


Its going for sure. I think it has a good chance of taking off if thier trials were successful with japan and korea. Ita not going to 10 or anything crazy like that. They dont want it to go that fast.

The thing you habe to watch is the smaller banks picking up XRP- Xrapid. It puts them at an advantage towards large banks. So large banks have to combat that competitive advantage.


Do you know when it will be released regarding how well the trials went with Japan and Korea?


Trials end on the 31st i believe.


Thanks Matty, will be paying close attention. I have been searching for that date for a while to no avail. So ill update as soon as I hear anything incase it is before.

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Just saw an article that coin square - one of Canadas fiat exchange is adding Ripple in February.

from the article link below

The Toronto-based crypto exchange also plans to offer Ripple, one of 2017’s best-performing cryptocurrencies, starting in February on its platform and “will be launching one digital currency per month for the foreseeable future,” Diamond said. At present, it supports trading of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash and Squarecoin.

That Doge!

You’re welcome, I just get the news from a fairly good facebook group run by the VP of a Bank who has discussed XRP with Ripple for their bank. I am just parroting from someone I believe is closer to the source than reddit.

Ripple (XRP) - is the group.


Here’s a really good objective look at XRP. I like how the dark-haired guy seems to be defending ripple and the interviewee seems to confirm internet findings. He also appears to maybe be reading. Fun stuff.


Ya I saw this early this morn. If you zoom in on his eyes he IS clearly reading so funny. Trying to pass on that FUD. Not accepted here


He makes some good points though, especially when he said “All coins don’t have much of a working model” I find it completely fair to say that. I know we see it as FUD but not everyone has the mentality of early adopters. It’s always good to hear as many sides as possible and consider what they say. About any investment/idea.


Annnnnnd another bank testing XRP to settle cross border payments.

Not small by any size -

fromwiki - Crédit Agricole (French: [kʁedi aɡʁikɔl]), sometimes called the “Green Bank”[3] because of its historical ties to farming, is a French network of cooperative and mutual banks comprising the 39 Crédit Agricole Regional Banks. In 1990,[4] it became an international full-service banking group. It is listed through its holding company, Crédit Agricole S.A., on Euronext Paris’ first market and is part of the CAC 40 stock market index. In 2013, the Crédit Agricole Group reported revenues of €26.4 billion.


Action on XRP - watch out guys!! :thinking::sunglasses:


I’d watch it if i owned ripple nipple.


What you think about this @peter ?


I see ripple having a place in the crypto market.
I just don’t own any. I don’t like my shit OVERTLY manipulated. Just covertly. :wink: :doge:


Im definitely cashing out my ripple in march… march 2028. I should have 100k by then.


Matt I would love to have a private chat on your thoughts on Ripple. I have been invested since 1/2 a cent. Going strong. But I am always looking to share thoughts on Ripple where they may be going, posisbly concerns etc… Just to gain more knowledge and info either one of us may not of had before!

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Great Articles here Pubbers!



Make sure to translate the first link :smile:


wonder if it has anything to do with this. Look at all da monies. 110M but look how much the wallet has in it already. 3B…


This is great news. SBI use xrp as the virtual currency. Real use case not testing anymore time to buy low and sell high. Can’t get lower than this with two crashes and no news ripple close to 1.10-1.15


Yup just know you probably won’t see $10 bucks. maybe 3 end of year. 3x is still better than the stock market but unless you gamble big you’re not gettin a lambo