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Yeah 3 is not bad as long as it is less volatile and good store of value to park my money in


great read


TL:DR #18 bank in the world to use ripplenet, not XRP. forces other banks to jump aboard new tech to make cross-country payments cheaper and faster. Also, notice the 1Billion per month was not hit so Ripple locked up the unused XRP in escrow again. Seems like those large transfers are ripple then.

Ripple has landed one of its largest clients yet, with Santander Group announcing a mobile app powered by the company’s distributed ledger.

The bank had been piloting the app for 18 months with its employees, integrating Apple Pay for payments between £10 and £10,000 ($14 and $14,000), according to Finextra. The app will be rolled out in Spain, Brazil, the U.K. and Poland, according to the company’s 2017 earnings presentation.

Customers will be able to use the app to facilitate same-day cross-border payments in under a minute, according to the slide. The app will also provide a digital wallet, a personal finance manager and help aid person-to-person payments.

A Santander spokesperson, said “we plan to launch this in the next few months, and we can confirm on the record that we plan to use xCurrent in the project.”

Ripple’s xCurrent product does not use XRP, the company’s native cryptocurrency.

Ripple chief executive Brad Garlinghouse announced the move to his followers on Twitter, noting that the app will be released this quarter.

Here’s A Billion
Separately, Ripple spent about $84 million of XRP from its nearly $1 billion January reserve last month, according to current market prices.

The company had access to 1 billion XRP last month, meaning the remaining 900 million went back into escrow at the end of January. The funds were transferred back through two transactions, with the 900 million XRP holding a value of $756 million at press time.

The company has 61 billion XRP valued at $51 billion locked up in escrow over the next four years through a series of smart contracts.

Ripple’s escrow movement was developed as a way to increase trust in XRP. Due to Ripple’s own holdings, limiting access to the tokens from even the developers prevented massive token dumps which could tank the price.

Each month, 1 billion XRP is released to the company for internal use. While in the past, Ripple used on average some 300 million XRP per month, it appears to be requiring fewer of its reserve tokens, at least according to this one data point.

Disclosure: CoinDesk is a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which has an ownership stake in Ripple.



Another ripple net bank. Only a matter of time before they want to save another 20-30% by using XRP. Ripple’s death by 1000% cuts. Make the banks fight each other for overhead. Best plan ever.


So base on what i read it’s being used by the NBAD already right? I didn’t catch what you said about Ripples death by 1000% cuts.


Death by 1000 cuts meaning to slowly bleed banks into crypto.

Ripple using their other tech(xCurrent) to eventually get banks in their liquidity product - XRP. It’s like any good drug dealer giving you a sample of the goods.

First, they let banks use xCurrent(the tech) to save 30% and make transfers much faster. Then banks get greedy as usual and want to make MORE money. So to save more money they use XRP. And bonuses all around to CEO’s and execs.

This also forces other banks to either adopt xCurrent/XRP or something else outside of the current swift system that has been obsolete and costly for years. xCurrent is just the gateway drug to getting banks to XRP. Once one person starts using it and it is more efficient other competitors will have to use it.

If you owned a bank, and sent a bunch of money across boarders, and you biggest competitor could do it in 4 seconds vs your 3-10 days at 30% less cost what happens to your bank? You lose. So it will force mass adoption no different then the internet or any other tech. Once all the banks are using XRP, it will continually increase in price due to the Jevons Paradox and their coin burn. That is years away though.

This isn’t just good for XRP, it’s good for all crypto into making legitimate. People hate on XRP but I believe it will be one of the coins to boost Crypto Mainstream if not the coin.


@Matty do you think if XRP get’s placed on coinbase it could go up to at least $5.00?.. You know how us American’s are about a quick buck! :slight_smile:


I think it will without a doubt, around $4/5 mark.


@Chrstineb33 I stick to my prediction of no more than 4. 3 is more likely EOY.


Finally invested in a bunch of these :sunglasses:


Ripple is like herpes. Gotta love the slow burn. Long-term play.


Matt you watching Yahoo Finance today?


nah man workin



So far very good stuff for crypto in general. Ill make some notes send you my thoughts bud


Any chance you can send me those notes. I like getting different views and have invested quite a bit in XRP. If you can’t it’s not a problem. Thanks


Whts ur thoughts on XRP?


New payment firm using xCurrent in china.



Circulating Supply: 39,009,215,838
So at $5 total market cap would be: $195,046,079,190

Total Supply: 99,992,725,510
So at $5 total market cap would be: $499,963,627,550


Curent market cap of BTC: $135,265,050,228
All time high market cap of BTC: around $333,000,000

Food numbers for thought


@dearscotty thank you so much for breaking down the math of it … as I like to say… “Kindergarten Style” For me… @Matty I’m with you now… more than $3.00 would be INSANE!.. thanks guys!:flushed::wink:


anybody get a chance to see this. Good questions asked and some good answers