:ripple: OFFICIAL XRP Thread



Great article. Thanks for sharing

I bought XRP in April 17 and this article just reaffirms my decision not to sell XRP for a long time. HODLing for the years to come!!!


In a world where people call a bunch of projects “scam coins” I find it interesting that the only profitable coin/company is hated on so much. I believe you are 100% right I think Ripple’s ownership understood you can’t make monumental changes immediately in the world and are going about it the right way. Changing something that requires a transfer of power has to be done incrementally.


Well said friend.
Time is mother of all.


I like to admit when I am wrong, and you’re right, I had my sights set far too narrow! Switch to the 1 Day view and you get this: the first MACD Crossover since December 12, 2017!

If this run keeps up, BIG THINGS could happen.

So much WOW.


You were not technically wrong, the market is unpredictable and if you tell otherwise then i can call you wrong about it. It just happened someone pump it in too much that day. It will fix itself somewhere in the next few days.


Another xcurrent partner.


Western Union confirms its testing ripple. Thier execs say “no big unlock.”


Very Nice Article recognizing HODOR

Always read deeper


With all the “supposedly positive” news, you would think the price would have shot back up to $3 by now.


As a banking coin. It only moves when the bankers want it to move. TA on ripple is useless.


December pump looked like they moved money from one place to another :smiley:
Rect ripple.


Sounds like the bear is hibernating or the whale is deep sea squid fishing. Either way they both will make a come back…


Got Peter Two Times Telling it!

Read the papers Read the papers!


so many ripple videos! 2nd most shilled, 1st is doge .


Ripple is here to stay, you like it or not.


What good are distributed validators if they run a consensus protocol determined by a central authority. That’s called illusion of transparency, when the real trick has been out in the open for everyone to see all along. I’d buy stock in ripple labs. But not a useless token.

I’m starting a new ICO called pyrite coin. I already own all the pyrite coin and I’m the one who writes all the code and determines who can be a validator, but don’t worry were actively working to decentralize and one day it’s going to pass bitcoin. Keep buying pyrite coin guys, can’t you see how well I’m spending all of your money to establish business connections so you keep buying my inflationary token that isn’t needed for my transfer protocol?

Trust me, I care about the individual pyrite coin owners and their profits, my companies bottom line is the last of my concerns, and this is not a cleverly devised scheme to crowd fund massive startup capital I can use to build a network of banks with, and then pull the rug out from under my sheep, I mean early adopters. Keep your eye out for our next project snake oil coin, coming in 2020.

Pyrite coin to the moon. Pyrite coin the standard.

This is just satire guys, don’t take it personally.


Except XRP is one of 5 coins actually being utilized today by the real world. Maybe theres not even 5. Its the only company that is actually profitable without thier coin. It will most likely be the first mass adopted coin as well. Gonna be a lot of butt hurt when it happens. The public does not think like us, they dont want or even know what a decentralized world.


It will ultimately become worthless when people realize banks won’t be buying it up like retail investors have been, but I’m wrong about stuff all the time, guess we will have to wait and see.


Thats always the game. You do understand the liquidity issue right and where XRP fits in vs. Just using xcurrent/xvia?

I also dont think thier target market is big banks, i believe it is medium to small banks that cant compete with the titans. If you really think about it they have the ability to decentralize the banking monopoly.


Yep, I understand the whole purpose of the token is to provide liquidity. I think ripple labs will be successful as a company, however, I do not think XRP will make for a strong long term investment vehicle.