:ripple: OFFICIAL XRP Thread



“Comments are disabled for this video.”

Not helping.



I do love my Rip, and respect what there objectives are. They are solving a global bottle necking problem, and has an actual working product! starting to be used. (how many other do?) No doubt they have their shit strait. This is one company that is growing and expanding with new clients every other week. Growing from the inside out. It’s only a matter of time. Not if it will be massive…but when?


all videos they have published have the same feature. They want it there as just a message not raging comments that always occur.


Not following what this means ?


I totally understand why anyone making a public announcement would want to disable their comment section thank you.
I just think one should take it.
It’s my personal take, but I’m instantly put off by anyone whose stance is “people are gonna talk shit so I’m not going to let’em say anything”.
If you let people talk shit it means you’re confident in what you’re doing.
If you censor any form of comment assuming people are going to talk shit you come across as an insecure tyrant.

I’m not saying Ripple is bad, I’m not saying people who would have talked shit wouldn’t be clueless haters, but censorship is self defeating imho.


This Crypto community is so immature. A lot of haters and just flat out misinformation. I see it everyday and its very unfortunate.


Rip news and better understanding


Love seeing the end of this video.


This guy is using a lot of best case scenarios in some cases, but he makes a sound “analysis” of possibilities around what could happen if it is implemented. Spoiler below.

He ended up noting at 10% of the market it could easily hurt $700+/XRP.

Disclaimer: don’t FOMO! Just noting one not based on Coinbase.


Magic Poop Cannon gave an updated analysis on XRP. He(?) sees a drop coming.


R3 is suing ripple for 5 billions xrp and ripple has to fight it not on home turf.


Coinbase updated the digital asset protocol for new assets/coins

It will be
Added to Gdax first and it will come as a blog/Twitter update

Prior to any implementation it only needs exec committee approval and it will be made public at the same time internally and publicly

Sounds like they are going to be ready to announce some shit soon I think etc and ripple are contenders



Very interesting read


Anotha one


Always updating my fellow RIPPLERS!



Great article. Thanks for sharing… much appreciated!


Ripple XRP can handle over 50,000 tps now. More than Visa in recent reports.



That’s a good look. It’ll push them to more and more eyeballs.


general sentiment is that Ripple will go back to its $0.25 support :ripple: