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It sure looks that way.


I have invested, with hesitance, in Ripple. The new lawsuit is precisely what made me hesitant. Is Ripple to be classified as a security and have they scammed the people (much like what the federal reserve does every day) into believing that they are routing for the little guy? I feel that xvia and xcurrent technology are being funded by our xrp investments. I like the idea of Ripple but I don’t like how they mimic the fed in action (I. E., inflate and deflate the coin at will). Banks can easily master their tech and then xrp becomes obsolete but Ripple and garlinghouse are quite wealthy off the backs of all our hard earned monies… Bit of a run on but cardano, Icon and even Longshots like XinFin leave me feeling more confident then Ripple ever has…




Ripple XRP IMHO will be a big player in the crypto world. They have huge players/people who are affiliated with them. Unless you DYOR and deep research you will find very powerful people setting ripple /xrp up for the future. They are getting there little peeps into every nook and the peeps they are getting don’t fail at what they do. There will always be haters. Always speculation. Even the king bitcoin is having its negative issues. It does not matter to me price at this time or if some of these cryptos become securities. The world will get tokenized. Real use cases will prevail. Partnerships will be made. Ripple/xrp in my opinion will still be around in the next decade. How many other companies will survive the grind of early adoption? You better have huge use cases, partnerships, powerful people backing and supporting, and a special nitch, to survive what I think will end up being cutthroat in a few years . Many will not make it.


just a fractal idea on XRP



:troll: … could not help but take the time to troll the SEC in public comments on the proposed Bitcoin :btc: ETF. :cowboy_hat_face:


I got on Kraken, I will try to get a few hundred bucks worth soon. I think my goal will be around 1200 coins.
What goals do you guys have as far coinage amounts?


It’s great to set coin goals . I did when I first entered the space. But now I just keep stacking the coins I believe in. You will exceed your goal and soon you will think 1200, nah, 1500, 2000! As long as you think the value you pay is worth the buy at the time, AND it’s money you can be prepared for to take a hit if it drops. Keep stacking bro :call_me_hand:t5: !


Here is an excellent resource for information on XRP. :cowboy_hat_face: Enjoy!



One of the interesting aspects of XRP is the ability to do smart contracts, and the early days relationship with a young man who ended up on the couch of one of the team members of Ripple back in 2013. Then it was just a sandboxed execution environment called ripplevm, the young man who was ‘couch suffring’ at the time - Vitalik Buterin. Interesting, dynamic conections.




And some talk on the potential of this Ripple fork


New forum set up by the guys from XRP chat for CSC



Idk understand why xrp hasn’t gone to zero yet?


Why would it go to zero?


Why do you think it would?


Cool article about XRP: