I’ve been watching the profitability of my 1080Ti mining rig slowly drop every week since the announcement of the Bitmain Z9 ASIC miners, taking over the Equihash algorithm. So I’ve been experimenting on alternative algos once the Z9 miners hit the streets. One of the most intriguing things to come out has been the OhGodAnETHlargementPill from OhGodACompany.

There’s been some mention of the OhGodAnETHlargementPill on the Pub’s mining threads, but not a lot of information on how it performs and if it’s legit. In summary the Pill, optimizes the memory timings on Nvidia graphics cards with GDDR5X memory (these include the 1080 and 1080ti cards only), typically resulting in a significant boost in hash rate, i.e. for 1080Ti card it’s reported to be from the stock hash rate range of around 31MH/s to a boosted hash rate of around 50MH/s (some even reported as high as 55MH/s).

From what I’ve found on the web and YouTube videos from several sources, there’s some controversy on the code that makes it work, plus the fact that anti-virus software flags it as a Trojan. I’ve gone past the paranoia that it’s got malicious code and have started experimenting with it on Windows and SMOS. The reasoning being most mining software are flagged as viruses. After watching some video interviews with the developer where they explained why they’ve kept their code private, I believe they have no malicious intent, they just need to be able to sell the pill to large mining farms.

For the small-time miners like myself, the Pill is free to use (has no dev fee built-in, donations are voluntary).
Anyway, do any of the Pubbers use OhGodAnETHlargementPill on their mining rigs? and what are your reported results and overclock settings.

So far, on Windows I’ve got up to 52MH/s on Daggerhashimoto, but can only seem to squeeze 44MH/s out of SMOS (with claymore-eth-v11.8).

If anyone else is interested in experimenting with it the github is located here:

If you want to add the Pill to SMOS, check out the link below:

UPDATE: I just noticed that the latest version of SMOS already has an option to enable OhGodAnETHlargementPill in the dashboard ‘Global Options’.

Bitcoin Private - Pub Mining Pool

I use the pill. I’m mining ETC and I’m happy with the results. With 8 1080ti in getting about 431 MH/s. That’s not bad at all and it’s stable and running with no problems. The cards are about 65 degrees give or take. I have one hot card that it at 75 degrees. Never buy gigabyte. The build quality is nothing like the EVGA and MSI cards. Thinking about setting the fan speed to 60% and see if it cools down. The fans are all on auto now and the hot card only turns at 46% at auto setting. I bought a grow tent and vent system to put the miner in for the summer with the air venting directly to the outside.


Nice hash rate you got going there, so it’s around 53.9 MH/s per card. Do you mind sharing what OS you are using and what your overclock/tweaked settings are?

I’m using SMOS with Claymore, Core set at -400, Mem at +700, Power at 190W, resulting in little over 43 MH/s per card. My preference is to use SMOS over Windows, due to the annoying regular updates Microsoft now impose on us Win10 Home users.


I’m using windows pro. I did a regedit to shut off the updates. Also using awesome miner to easily switch between coins to mine. I use msi to do my overclock settings. I have the newest claymore set at the top to be the default miner. I am currently looking for a no dev fee miner. If I don’t find one I might try Phoenix miner. I’m using 80% power with 84 and 699. If you go to bitcoin forum about the pill on page 16 or 17 is a link to a bunch of different settings people use and the cards. When you get past 50MH/s a card let us know which settings you used.


So I finally got my 1080Ti cards to around 51MH/s using SMOS with Claymore, settings were Core set at -400, Mem at +750, Power at 210W, mining Ethereum Classic on Ethermine Pool. The GPUs are running at ~66C at 43% fan.

My next challenge now is to tweak my 1070ti rig, currently hashing at 29.5 MH/s per card. Too bad the Pill doesn’t boost these cards. What’s the max hash rate that I can squeeze from these little puppies mining ETC? from what I can find it’s around 32 MH/s, has anyone boosted these much higher?


Seikin can you screenshot the place you insert your eth wallet into simple miner? I put mine in and it’s mining but no eth is go8ngbtonthe wallet…

Any ideas ?



Here’s my configuration as shown in the Rig Groups in the SMOS dashboard. Let me know if it works out.



How are u editing those addresses?


I’m doing simple for first time, I just have one card in and I’m testing

Gonna put 7 more cards in as soon as eth address is kosher


In the Rig Groups tab, you click the little ‘Gear’ icon on the Actions column, this enables you to edit the Miner Options.


TYVM will report back…

Jaxx wallet a bad idea that u know of?


The Jaxx Chrome extension wallet is OK for small-scale hobby mining, avoid installing the Windows version as there were some issues of the private keys being stored locally on the PC hard drive, I’m not sure if this was resolved last year or not. I use Jaxx for ZEC to avoid slowing down my Trezor due to too many transactions. I would let the payments build up in Jaxx then transfer them weekly into a hardware wallet or an Exchange. For ETH and ETC there’s lots of options like MEW, Morpheus and Eden.


Really weird I can’t find an actual place to do the wallet edit


The pill people also have a fix for the 1070 cards if you watch some of the video interviews. That one is not a pubic release. You have to pay for that solution. It’s like drug dealers. The first one is always free the ones after you have to pay for.


I put wallet in under the global options tab


But the miner is running fine and no eth is accumulating in jaxx


You’re suppose to put the ETH or ETC address into the Miner Configuration. Those fields in Global Options should be left empty.

You need to create a Mining Group in Rig Groups, this will allow you to select the miner and configure it individually.


Pick which feeling I’m having…

  1. Never should have left nicehash
  2. Loving all the new options and nominally lower fee


Ok gonna tinker ty I need to do a walkthrough cuz I’m noob to the software


Which pool are you using? and is it ETC or ETH you’re looking to mine. You may also need to configure the limit before a payout occurs. By default you need to mine 1 ETC or 1 ETH before payment occurs, you need to change this in the dashboard of the pool you’re mining, eg.