OKEx CEO Resigns Just as Crypto Exchange Becomes World's Biggest

via bloomberg

OKEx Chief Executive Officer Chris Lee resigned, leaving the Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange just as it became the world’s largest by reported turnover.

Lee left for personal reasons, to “start a new life,” OKEx said in an emailed statement on Monday. In a separate statement issued by his spokeswoman, Lee said it had been the “greatest pleasure and an honour” to work at OKEx and that he will return to the blockchain community after a short break to spend time with his family. He didn’t elaborate on the reasons for his departure.

OKEx handled more than $2 billion of virtual currency trades during the past 24 hours, making it the world’s most active fee-charging crypto exchange, according to Coinmarketcap.com, which aggregates trading statistics reported by exchanges. OKEx has been climbing in the global ranking over the past few weeks, recently overtaking Binance as the biggest by turnover.


Time for us to take over.


He’s spending time with his family before he joins YEN and the 140hr work week?

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Oh shit!!! Q got to him as well…human trafficking?

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